On March 11, first responders were called to the home of four-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett after she was found unresponsive.

According to WOIO, Aniya died later that day in the hospital after she suffered a stroke as a result of blunt force trauma. She showed signs and symptoms of malnourishment, weighing only 29 pounds at the time of her death.


Aniya’s mother, Sierra Day, and Sierra’s boyfriend, Deonte Lewis, have been charged with aggravated murder.

As WOIO reports, before Aniya was killed, there were 14 incidents reported on her behalf.


Children and Family Services confirmed that they received three calls regarding Aniya’s wellbeing, and as a result opened up a six week investigation. However, Children and Family Services said their investigation didn’t yield enough evidence to remove the four-year-old from the home at that time.

Aniya’s father, Mickhal Garrett, attempted to gain custody of his daughter before her death. Documents show that Garrett warned of possible abuse months before Aniya’s death.


A letter he wrote read, in part:

The reason I come before you is because I Mickhal Garrett would like to have residential custody of our daughter Aniya Marie Day Garrett. Sierra Rebecca Day had denied me all visitation and communication with out child and has been telling false allegations to the domestic violence courts stating that I have been harming, stalking, and threatening her and our daughter in which is completely untrue.

Due to this I have not been able to have any form of quality time or communication with out beautiful baby girl for anything or any reason and I just need to be in our daughter’s life and here for her like a genuine father is suppose to be by any means necessary. I truly, truly, truly, fell as though out daughter [Aniya] is being abused at home physically/mentally and that her life could possibly be in danger.

I have recently received information and details from Ms. Day’s sister/relatives that our daughter has been getting abused physically at home and that my daughter has been to the hospital and 696 kids has been called previously and the past in which I had no idea. However, I do know Ms. Day has received SSI in the past for her mental disabilities.

September 26, 2018 (SIC) was the last day I have seen our daughter and even at that time I was very disturbed and concerned about the scars and bruises on her body. After trying to communicate with Sierra about out daughter’s wounds is when Ms. Day began to tell me false stories, reject all my phones calls, my visitation and all quality time with our daughter.

Three months ago near the end of September 2017, Sierra lied to me habitually time after time telling me she was out f state with out daughter and wouldn’t be back for a couple weeks leaving me with no choice but to be patient until the day I would hear from her again. After several weeks later after not hearing absolutely anything from Ms. Day and receiving a number of excuses, no phone calls, tests or anything I decided to take it upon myself to stop by her job a little over a month later at Get Ready Set Grow Daycare in Euclid, Ohio which my daughter attends daycare also just to see if I could possibly see my daughter and give her a huge and a kiss before I went to work that day. After discovering Sierra at work that day really devastated me and made me want to take further actions to receive my visitations right legally but before I could do so, before I knew it I was receiving papers in the mails at my old home address that I was Involved in a domestic violence incident.

Shortly after Aniya’s death, a video was posted to Vonny Streeter-Jones’s Facebook page. It showed Garrett driving his car with Aniya in the back seat:

When asked if she wanted to stay with her daddy, Aniya answered yes. When asked if she wanted to go back home to live with her mommy, Aniya answered no. At the end of the two minute video, Garrett promised Aniya that he was going to make living with him possible:

“Of course you can stay with me, mama. I want you to stay with me. I want you to come live with me, honey. You hear me? Daddy gonna make that possible, believe that in Jesus name.”

Standing at a protest held in front of the Child and Family Services building, Garrett told WOIO:

“We want them to be held accountable. CPS failed me. They failed us all. Nobody should have to go through this. So many people tried and tried to make sure Aniya Marie Garrett was safe and they failed our family.”

Sierra Day and Deonte Lewis are currently being held on one million dollar bonds.

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