A rude customer at the lemonade stand made a neighborhood mom so uneasy that she stayed until another parent arrived.

As the Telegram & Gazette reports, Kendall Johnson has big plans for her summer lemonade profits. Working with her grandfather, the 10-year-old from Auburn, Massachusetts built a lemonade stand out of a wooden pallet.

Kendall picked out the design and created a menu for the stand that includes lemonade, cookies, and blueberry lemonade. She also knows what she plans to do with her profits. As Kendall told the Telegram, she already studies jazz, tap, hip-hop, and ballet, but wants to earn enough money to add another dance class to her already busy schedule:

“I’m hoping to add on lyrical [dance].”

It wasn’t long before the stand was up and running, but the young girl wasn’t prepared for a hyper-critical and nosey customer.

Kendall’s mom, Nicole, had run out for more lemonade supplies, leaving Kendall and her older brother running the stand. That’s when two men in a car pulled up and began asking questions about the lemonade stand. Kendall did her best to answer but felt uncomfortable. Her older brother agreed that the questioning was strange.

When Kendall handed a cup of lemonade to the man in the passenger seat, she got a nasty review. She told the Telegraph:

“He said, ‘Oh, honey, this is too small and too warm.'”

The man then poured the lemonade on the ground and handed the cup back to the bewildered girl.

Kendall told WBZ that the man’s actions made her “sad cause it hurt my feelings a lot.”

However, it struck another parent as more than simple rudeness. A concerned neighborhood mom decided to stay there at the lemonade stand with Kendall until Nicole returned.

Nicole agreed that the questioning and insult over Kendall’s lemonade were upsetting. She told WBZ:

“You want the best, you want your kids to be safe so it was a little bit scary.”

In the end, Nicole decided not to call the police over the incident, thinking that it was just a case of “people being mean.” However, Auburn Chief of Police Andrew Sluckis told the Telegraph that parents shouldn’t hesitate to call and report anything that seems suspicious. He added that it “would be helpful” to get a license plate number in such cases.

After Nicole shared her daughter’s experience with the rude customer, the community turned out in support of Kendall’s lemonade stand. Now, Kendall is busy selling lemonade and has put the incident behind her. She told WBZ that she’s happy she didn’t let the rudeness discourage her and plans to keep selling lemonade:

“If anybody says anything, let it pass by you and always try to make a lot out of yourself.”

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3 Replies to “Girl Starts Lemonade Stand to Save Money for Dance Class. But One Customer’s Rudeness Made Mom Uneasy”

  • Cheryl Dwyer 1 year ago

    Haters will always be haters…this male had to bully a child because he wouldn’t dare do it to an adult. Good job on letting it roll off you!

  • Lorick tolliver 1 year ago

    Oh no one called the police on her. I wonder why. Im sure she didn’t have a permit. She may be violating a health code. And still no one called the police. Oh let me look at her again ok now I see.

  • rdnkgrl 1 year ago

    In response to comment from Lorick- I know I must have misunderstood your comment, cause it sounded to me like you disapproved of the little girl’s lemonade stand. I know that can’t be what you’re saying, since I’m sure you either did the same thing as a young girl or you remember girls (and boys) doing this often, especially in small towns. Nobody can resist getting a cup of lemonade from a cute little kid trying to make a bit of money…at least nobody normal. Lol. I think it is adorable and whoever would even think about calling and reporting them and trying to get them shut down should be ashamed of themselves and is a lowlife POS in my opinion. So I know I misunderstood your comment… ??

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