A California 9-year-old went viral online last week after she found a creative way to sell her Girl Scout cookies.

According to ABC 10, the San Diego girl sold more than 300 boxes of the popular treats in six hours, when she set up a sales booth in a highly lucrative, but controversial, location — outside a local marijuana dispensary.

And now, she may be facing some consequences for the decision.

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Recreational marijuana was recently legalized in California, and there are no longer any rules barring San Diego Girl Scouts from selling cookies outside dispensaries, the New York Times reports.

Mike Lopes, a spokesperson for Girl Scouts of the USA, said:

“For the most part, it’s not any different than selling in front of any other kind of shop. It just happens to be a marijuana dispensary.”

But the fact that the 9-year-old was selling cookies in a booth, instead of door-to-door in a wagon, may have caused an issue.

Most cookie booths are subject to stricter rules, and often must have their locations approved ahead of time, Pix 11 reports.

Cookie sales booths are also not allowed to be set up on commercial property — including marijuana dispensaries, San Diego Girl Scout council spokesperson Mary Doyle told the outlet.

Now, the council is trying to identify the girl and speak with her family. Doyle told Pix 11:

“As Girl Scouts, we assume good intent. When we learn that a girl is in violation of a standard/guideline, we almost always discover that the parent was unaware of the rules.”

However, the girl appears to have set up her booth just off the marijuana dispensaries property, which makes the situation more “nuanced,” according to ABC 10.

But if it is found that the girl broke the rule and does so again, she could lose her badges related to selling cookies, PIX 11 reports.

This isn’t the first time a Girl Scout has come under fire for selling outside a marijuana dispensary. A similar situation occurred in February 2016, but the girl didn’t face disciplinary action.

It’s unclear if the San Diego Girl Scout council has identified who the 9-year-old is in this case.

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