A 7-year-old girl drew a heartbreaking picture on the day she was kicked out of a wet play area for wearing the same swimwear as boys.

The girl’s mother, Roz Dzelzitis, accused Downtown Silver Spring fountain of ordering her daughter out of the water play fountain for wearing swim shorts and rash guard tee.

Parents on Facebook slammed the DTSS fountain for putting the little girl and her mom through so much all because of a “ridiculous” rule.

Dzelzitis shared a picture of the offending rash guard shirt made for the water and shorts that were also for swimming. She recounted the frustrating experience with her followers.

Posted by Roz Dzelzitis on Thursday, June 20, 2019


She wrote

The guard told our daughter, ‘OUT!’ and showed me (Roz) the rule book he carries with photos of acceptable swimwear.

I explained that her rash guard and swim shorts ARE swimwear, even shorter than the boys. He said, ‘But those are boys,’ and told me ‘She’s a girl.’

Dzelzitis continued:

When my daughter protested and pointed out the boys, he repeated that ‘Those are boys’ and turned to my daughter and said ‘You’re a girl.’

Posted by Roz Dzelzitis on Thursday, June 20, 2019

According to the mom, the security guard pulled out a rule book that contained drawings of swimwear and explained that her daughter wasn’t dressed appropriately.

Dzelzitis tried to tell the employee that the shirt and shorts were made for swimming. The mom shared a picture of her daughter standing next to a boy in shorts and a “Surfs Up” shirt and two girls in a bathing suit.

She wrote to the DTSS property manager:

It’s not fair that boys get to wear swim shorts in the fountain and girls need to wear swim underwear or a (one piece) swim suite.

And slammed the organization for its “discriminatory message” to youngsters.

11th Annual SS Blues Festival

Posted by Downtown Silver Spring on Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Downtown Silver Spring Fountain issued a statement in the comments section of the post and apologized for the incident. They wrote:
Thank you again for bringing this unfortunate incident to our attention. We want to assure everyone that there is no policy requiring gender specific swimwear in the splash fountain. There is a Montgomery County regulation that patrons must be attired in swimming apparel. We are taking steps to educate and retrain our officers to ensure they are clear on our policy.

However, Dzelzitis learned that her experience was not isolated. Other parents wrote about their children being turned away.

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3 Replies to “Mom Shares Sad Picture Her Daughter Drew After She Was Kicked out of a Wet Play Area for Wearing Swim Shorts”

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  • 3Dewes 1 year ago

    So I have to ass.u.me, if a girl were to wear a bra & panties that resembled a more “traditional girls swimsuit”, this would be acceptable?!! What it sounds like to me is Heaven Forbid that “a KID” play in the water, regardless of gender, in something that is decent & respectfully covers their private parts! It’s hard enough anymore for kids to just be allowed to be kids or family to be a family, so much of it due to the technology factor & how everyone seems to want everything NOW with less people than it takes to accomplish this & you can’t be a parent, a family, a kid, etc, until that is done, leaving very little to no time at all for those things to even be a possibility! I’m all for technology, but like so many other things, moderation is key. I’m all for kids having responsibility, discipline, learning to be good honest, kind, decent human beings when they grow up, but if a kid isn’t allowed to be a kid, what kind of an adult will they become? Not too mention, that type of behavior towards this little girl can merely show her that unless you very specifically fit into a very particular realm deemed by society at that moment, you will be cast out altogether, no ifs, ands or buts! I don’t understand why, as long as a person isn’t causing problems or harm, people can’t seem to let others be whom they are & accept them at that? Why do people feel the need to have to confirm everyone into a cookie cutter, mundane human being? This might work out well for a few people that think they have to & have the right to control everyone & everything around them, of course for their own benefit, but, the human race will never go very far or anywhere at all this way! Grow up people!!

  • Cecelia A Huffman 1 year ago

    I wear boys shorts and I’m 64, would they kick Me out for covering My butt too?

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