In 2003, a mother jumped from a 100-foot balcony to her death while holding her 3-year-old daughter in her arms, the Metro reports.

The baby miraculously survived, suffering broken bones as a result.

Then 15 years later the same girl, 18-year-old Yazmina Howard, leaped from a bridge in Kent, England. Her grandparents Janet and Michael, who raised the 18-year-old, said she suffered from depression to some degree before jumping.

The college student, who is described as a “beautiful,” “emotional,” and “strong” was pronounced dead on Monday. She was more like a daughter to her grandparent than a granddaughter.

As the New York Post reports, her grandmother said:

“I texted her to ask if she was alright and still out with her friend. I got a text from her at 9.23pm saying she was ‘OK.’ That was the last I heard.

Whatever happened from then, we’ll never know.Yazmina was a beautiful girl, inside and out, who would never hurt anyone.”

Janey recalled texting the girl just 30 minutes before she plunged from the bridge after reportedly getting pizza with a friend. The grandmother said of her granddaughter:

“Yazmina didn’t smoke, she didn’t go out clubbing. [She] was a beautiful girl, inside and out, who would never hurt anybody.

She was an emotional person, which may have been connected to the trauma she experienced when we lost her mom, but she seemed to battle through it all.”

Her grandfather thinks she may have been stressed out about money and finding work.

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According to the Mirror, her boyfriend talked her down from the same bridge just a week earlier. Michael said police were called after her first suicide attempt:

“We didn’t know anything about it until we got the phone call saying it happened, ‘Can you come and collect her?’

They said, ‘We have put Yazmina under a crisis team.'”

Talking about the trauma from her mother’s death, her grandfather added:

“Yazmina survived that incident …How she was in her thoughts we didn’t know. No one knows. She must have been depressed to some degree. There was a bit of boyfriend trouble.”

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

For every suicide, there are 25 attempts. Nearly 44,965 Americans commit suicide every year.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of suicide aren’t always obvious. They can include:

Excessive drugs or drinking, unhealthy changes to someone’s normal routine, isolation, and extreme mood swings are warnings signs that someone may need help.

Watch the video below for more ways to prevent teen suicide.

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