Note: This article contains graphic content.

Candace Jones’s daughter was bleeding from a defective carnival ride. And the ride’s owner didn’t see the problem.

As the Idaho mom shared on Facebook, her family spent Friday evening at the North Idaho Fair in Coeur d’Alene. Her daughter, Lexi, had gone on the “Firehouse” — a seemingly harmless funhouse-style attraction. But when the young girl went down the curving slide at the Firehouse exit, she got caught on an exposed pin. Candace told KHQ News:

“I called up to her to see if she was OK and she screamed down and said. ‘No Momma, help me.'”

Candace ran to Lexi’s aid and saw that her daughter’s shirt was soaked with blood. She wrote:

There was a pin sticking out of the slide that caught my daughter on her right side, slicing her up her right side and puncturing her in between her ribs where she was caught up and had to be pulled off.

Jones took her daughter to urgent care, where she received six stitches. Thankful that the pin hadn’t entered the girl’s chest cavity, the family informed the fair manager about the dangerous ride. But when the manager and Jones’s husband talked to the ride’s owner, they were told he had no intention of shutting down his attraction. Jones wrote:

The ride owner refused to close down the ride and told my husband and the fair manager to, “F#@% off! This is my attraction and I say when it’s open and when it closes.”

A frustrated Jones shared photos of her daughter’s injuries on Facebook to warn other parents about the hazardous slide. She noted that her daughter’s blood had “magically” vanished from the slide and added:

This ride is NOT SAFE and neither are your children when on it. Please don’t let your babies get hurt like mine did!

The next day, the fair released a statement about the incident. According to The Spokesman-Review, the ride’s owner apologized for Lexi’s injury and agreed to shut down the slide for the rest of the fair. Alexcia Jordan, general manager of the fairgrounds, told KHQ:

“We do have the power to shut the ride down and we were able to do so [Saturday] morning before we opened.”

While Candace wasn’t happy with the initial response from the ride’s operator, she told KHQ she was pleased with the way the fairground manager handled the situation:

“The manager of the fairgrounds was absolutely wonderful, she was very compassionate and very helpful.”

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