Everyone has some sort of roommate from hell story. There are the common tropes of the messy roommate, or the one that “sexiles” you every weekend (no? Just me?).

But a recent case at Tennessee State University may take the cake for worst roommate ever. Twenty-year-old Tierni Williams was arrested earlier this week for poisoning her roommate … with toilet water.

The victim, Erein Tiller, experienced a decline in her health over the course of a few weeks. Symptoms included “weight loss, appetite suppression, and diarrhea,” according to the court filings as reported by The Smoking Gun.

After spotting a video of her roommate on Snapchat, Tiller learned that Williams was replacing her bottled water with water from their toilet. The court document described how Williams used a styrofoam cup to scoop out toilet water and then poured the tainted liquid into her roommate’s water bottles.

She can allegedly be heard in the video laughing as she said:

“The b***h is gonna get sick from this, and this is some nasty s**t.”

Williams has been arrested and charged with adulteration of food or liquid and causing bodily harm. If she is convicted of felony adulteration, the Daily Mail reports the college student could face up to one year in prison.

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