As children get older and heavier, it becomes more difficult for their parents and older relatives to lift them up when they need to.

However, as one mom brilliantly revealed on Facebook, parents no longer have to worry about picking their children up to put them in their shopping cart.

As Laura Castrillo revealed in a video posted to the social media site, there is a “secret” door that can open allowing a child to crawl into the cart all on their own:

As the video shows, much like store employees line the carts up, all parents have to do is “LIFT the panel of your cart to let your children crawl in” without ever lifting them off the ground.

Castrillo explained to Love What Matters how she stumbled upon this hidden trick:

I learned the cart hack from my stepmom. My stepbrother, whom I help take care of when my parents are working, has some disabilities, and my stepmom discovered this easy way of getting him into the shopping cart when he was younger. I’ve been doing it with my own kids for about 2 years now, and it has made shopping with them a lot easier.

The mom said discovering the hack has also been very beneficial for her mom, her children’s grandmother, as well.

Because she suffers from chronic back pain, it’s a difficult task for the grandmother, in general, to pick up her grandkids. Now, she no longer has to in this type of situation.

Castrillo called the discovery “the best mom hack you’ll ever find.”

So far, the video demonstrating the hack has received over three million views.

The mom-of-three then encouraged others who see her video to “do your part to make a mama’s life easier by sharing this.”

How many of you have used this hack before?

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