A new viral trend has some parents laughing their heart out while others say its a great way to give a kid a concussion.

In the “Get That Money Challenge,” parents are getting their kids to slam their heads into doors, and some say it’s not something “funny” to do to a child.

Over the weekend, the social media stunt began to make its way across Twitter when tons of people began uploading videos of kids trying to catch a credit card with their head for “money.”

In the videos, a parent promises their son or daughter that they can buy whatever they want with plastic if the child can catch the card without using their hands but only their head.

A parent usually holds a credit card flat against a door, and if the kid is successful at catching the card, they’ll hit the jackpot and can buy whatever they want with the card.

Watch the video of the family prank below:

However, while some found this hilarious, others said the thud against the wall is no laughing matter. One commenter wrote on Facebook:

Don’t want to be a fuddy dud, but its all funny til he hairline fractures his skull …

Another said:

Head injuries are nothing to laugh at.

For the most part, people shared their mixed reactions to kids trying to conquer the challenge but missing the credit card by a split second.

No injuries have been reported, but many hoped the kids won’t wind up with a concussion or a bruised forehead.

One commenter said:

There’s enough in the news about head injuries with out people encouraging their kids to bang their heads against a hard object in the chance of getting money.

What do you think about the challenge?

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