When most people think of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it usually involves a local bar and the color green. But what about those who aren’t into taking shots?

Here are a few ways to keep the green and get rid of the booze during your St. Patty’s celebration.

Go to a Parade:

A parade can be fun for all ages! Check your local news sources and social media platforms to find out if there’s a parade going on near you. If you find one, invite the most fun people you know, tell them to wear their best green attire, and let the parade do the rest!

The music, dancing, and marching is sure to entertain your entire crew. Just remember to take photos!

Irish Themed Movie Night:

If you’re not in the mood to go out, but are still feeling festive, an Irish movie night just might do.

Decide if you want to have some “me-time,” invite friends, cuddle up with someone special, or make it a night for the family. After you have selected your company (or not), grab a few Irish influenced movies and your green pajamas for a cozy St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

If you’re into scary films, try watching “Leprechaun.” The original film has been followed by various sequels for a night of flinching and laughter.

If your celebration includes kids, try “The Luck of the Irish.” This Disney flick is perfect for all ages. You may even find yourself intrigued, as the main character begins to shrink in height and grow pointed ears.

Irish Dance Lessons:

According to Soft Schools, “riverdance is a form of Irish dance that has become famous around the world.” Hop online to see if there are any Irish dance instructors near you and sign up for a class. Bring a friend, family, or take it as an opportunity to meet some new people.

If you can’t find a local instructor, don’t give up! Check out some Youtube tutorials and learn right in your own living room. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than directly immersing yourself in the culture?

Prepare an Irish Feast:

Soft Schools reports potatoes, roasts, bread, seafood, stews, cabbage, and broccoli are all popular in Irish culture. Spend your St. Patrick’s Day indulging in the tastes of Ireland! Take the kids grocery shopping and have them help you create the ultimate Feast of St. Patrick.


On the other hand, if you don’t feel like prepping everything yourself, have a potluck. Tell your friends and family the theme and see what they come up with!

Get Active:

Can you guess which sports are popular in Irish culture?

According to Soft Schools, Gaelic football, soccer, hockey, rugby, and hurling are all pretty popular on the European Island.


Once you’ve selected a sport, create teams amongst your friends and family for some competitive fun. To enhance the celebration pick out an exciting green prize for the winning team and a not-so-fun punishment involving something green for the losing team.

Deliver the Green:

Spend your St. Patrick’s Day spreading cheer! Take the time to show your loved ones you appreciate them by baking something green and delivering it to their door. Try making cookies with green sprinkles or cupcakes with green icing.


This is perfect if you’re looking to acknowledge your Irish friends and their culture. However, even if your friends aren’t Irish, they’ll most likely still appreciate the thought and the sweet festive treat!

Let us know how you plan to spend your St.Patrick’s Day by commenting below!

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  • Pamela Balcom 6 months ago

    You could also learn who St. Patrick was! What a novel idea that a day is set aside to honor him not party it up! Celebrate a saint!!!(by emulating him)

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