Sarah Faulkner was faced with a difficult decision about her future as a mother when she was only 16 years old.

As WTLV reports, Faulkner was told at the time that she had neurofibromatosis, which causes cells to grow tumors.

The frightening diagnosis made Faulkner realize becoming a mother would not happen easily or naturally for her. The news was crushing and confusing. Faulkner said:

“It was really hard to answer at 16. How do you want to grow your family.”

She feared passing the disease on to her future children.

Later in life, Faulkner decided to go through in vitro fertilization, at which point she was faced with another tough choice. Faulkner explained it was difficult to find a woman whom she trusted to carry her child:

“There were some women that were very sweet, I just didn’t click with them as well. And, I knew that I would want this person in my life and in my children’s life forever. That woman was going to be Auntie Something,”

Then she met a three-time surrogate, Shellie Heisner, who was getting ready to stop carrying other women’s children.

It seemed like the perfect match.

Faulkner had three embryos to test, and two of them came back viable. With this news came yet another tough question — did she and her husband want twins? Faulkner said:

“I had the two, and I was like, twins would be so fun. I want to do twins. And, my husband was kind of like, ‘Let’s just do one’. Everybody talks about one because obviously the risk with multiples is great. So, after much convincing, pretty much the day of transfer, I said, ‘fine, we’ll do one.'”

Even on the day of transfer, Faulkner was realistic about what could happen. She knew there was a chance the IVF procedure might not take the way she was hoping:

“IVF is not a guarantee of a baby. You don’t just … Lots of couples go through it and their eggs don’t make it, or their embryos don’t develop.”

After a two-week waiting period, Faulkner and her husband received the good news that the embryo took. And as it turned out, they were on their way to becoming parents of not only of one child but three.

Faulkner and her husband, Dan, were shocked to find out that the one embryo they used blessed them with identical triplets. The soon-to-be-parents found out from their doctor the rarity of it all — the odds of having identical triplets is one in a million.

Faulkner is ready for whatever comes their way after their birth:

“I am going to be in for some craziness, I’m going to be outnumbered for sure between my husband and three boys.”

And Faulkner not only has three sons on the way, she has a whole new family. After creating a bond with Heisner through the surrogacy process, she invited Heisner and her three daughters to move in with her while both of their husbands are away on deployment in the Navy.

The excited mom-to-be said:

“She’s given this gift to so many people and I’m just glad that I found her for her last one. I’m definitely allowing her to go out with a bang with triplets.”

A YouCaring page called the “Zero to Three- Faulkner Triplet Fund” has been established to help the family prepare for their unexpectedly large growing family.

See the couple find out the news below.

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