A woman who said she was a former employee at the retail makeup chain Ulta Beauty posted a tweet in which she said that managers instructed her to repackage and sell used makeup at the store where she worked.

According to Fox News, “Fatinamxo” wrote:

She also wrote that her managers would get annoyed if they caught anyone throwing out previously used makeup:

She explained that she called the corporate office to lodge a complaint:

Other women responded to her tweet thread, confirming that they have seen this in their own experiences buying makeup from the retail store or working there themselves:

Another person tweeted that this can happen at other stores that sell makeup and therefore, one should always check the package before purchasing the product:

In 2017, a woman claimed that she contracted the herpes virus from using a lipstick tester at a Sephora, as Dearly previously reported.

Ulta responded to many of the comments on the thread, stating that reselling used makeup isn’t company policy:

The thread subsequently went viral, sparking additional accusations against Ulta and other retail stores that sell makeup. Fatinamxo explained to followers that she created the thread to make people aware of the issue, not to disparage the makeup chain:

It seems that many people have had similar experiences with Ulta, although this also might be an issue at multiple cosmetic counters and sellers.

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