In an Instagram story posted to her verified account on January 28, former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Meghan King Edmonds revealed how a chiropractor cured her son.

According to Edmonds, one of her twin baby boys, Hart, whom she gave birth to just seven months ago, wasn’t meeting milestones quite like his twin brother was.

She explained:

“I could tell that he was struggling with seeing up close and he wasn’t meeting certain milestones. He wasn’t reaching for toys. He wasn’t laughing on command […] like his brother was.

I just had this feeling inside me that he had some vision issues, so I talked to my pediatrician about it. She saw it as well, and she recommended me to a pediatric ophthalmologist.”

However, it was when Edmonds decided to take her baby boy to the chiropractor after he was just administered his vaccination that Edmonds learned of the “miracle” she didn’t know existed.

She continued:

“Before his appointment with the ophthalmologist, I took him to a chiropractor because he had gotten vaccinations and I wanted them to absorb in his body a little bit better, all the toxins in them.

And [the chiropractor] said that she could do ‘craniosacral therapy’ for his eye, to kind of like loosen the muscles that were making his eyes crossed-eyed and making it hard for him to see up close.

So she did, and you guys, I’m telling you, he went twice, he became a new baby. The pediatric ophthalmologist couldn’t believe it. He met all of his milestones with a week, literally seven days, it was astounding. Even my pediatrician said she hasn’t seen anything like it, she’s completely mind-blown that the craniosacral therapy made my kids eye [work].”

The mom of five, including two stepchildren, then addressed those who are skeptical of chiropractors and if they really work.

Edmonds added that her son’s story is truly a “miracle” and that she could be happier with how Hart is improving:

“And my story is truly a miracle story, and his eyes continue to improve every week we go.

It completely cured my son of his farsightedness, and he’s a new baby. It’s so gentle. It’s completely mind-blowing. I can’t say enough about how happy I am.”

According to Stanford Children’s Hospital, the misalignment of eyes, or strabismus, affects approximately 4 percent of children under the age of 6.

Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

Edmonds went on to stress that it wasn’t “time” that cured her son, but their chiropractor’s gentle touch. And according to People, she plans on continuing to work with both the chiropractor and the pediatric ophthalmologist together.

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3 Replies to “Former ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Says a Chiropractor Cured Her Baby’s Farsightedness”

  • Willie 1 year ago

    First, what toxins you are speaking about that are present in vaccinations. Be specific. How do you know when these “toxins” have been cleared? Second, vision is mediated by the optic nerve, an intracranial nerve. How do chiropractors adjust nerves that inside your skull? Third, spend less time on the internet.

  • Kathy 1 year ago

    I swear by my chiropractor! I am 65 yrs old and work in a warehouse so I am standing/walking on concrete 10 hours a day 4 days a week. I go for adjustments 3 days a week. I was supposed to have a knee replacement 4 yrs ago and just didn’t want anymore surgeries. A friend of my daughters told me about Dr. Nash. I was very skeptical but went. He took X-rays and found I had a disc out of place in my lower back and my knee was pretty bad. He did injections in both knees over 10 weeks and I have had not one major pain in either. If I have any pain I take 2 Tylenol in the morning and I’m good till the next day! My back and neck feel amazing. My insurance pays for 90% of treatments! Including massage therapy and any physical therapy. My sister is a cranial sacral therapist and holy cow is that amazing too!!! So happy for this sweet beautiful little boy and his Mama and Dad!! ???

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