A father’s love knows no bounds. And for former FBI agent Thomas Martens, his love for his daughter, Molly Corbett, may have landed him in prison.

According to ABC News, the 67-year-old — who worked for the FBI for more than 30 years — was at the North Carolina home of his daughter and her husband on Aug. 2, 2015, when he reportedly felt Molly’s life was in danger.

According to Martens’s and Corbett’s testimony, her husband, 39-year-old Jason Corbett, had his hands around her neck.

That’s when Martens allegedly intervened, striking the man “on the head with a baseball bat.”

Martens called the police after the incident, saying his daughter and her husband had gotten into an argument.

ABC News reported that Martens said, in part:

“He’s bleeding all over the place and I may have killed him.”

But when the operator asked him what happened, Martens said he acted in self-defense:

“He was choking my daughter, he said, ‘I’m going to kill her.'”

However, proving that statement in court turned out to be another thing entirely.

According to ABC News, prosecutors made the case that Martens and his daughter did not, in fact, kill Jason Corbett out of self-defense. Instead, they argued in court that Jason’s murder was “heinous, atrocious and cruel,” according to the Daily Mail.

Davidson County Sheriff’s Department

According to reports, the case’s medical examiner testified that Jason had been struck at least 10 times and that the cause of his death was blunt force trauma.

As ABC News reports, however, it should be noted that while cross-examining one of the crime scene investigators, the defense pointed out that the investigator:

“…failed to collect or notice evidence that night, including an alleged mark on Molly Corbett’s neck, hair under Jason Corbett’s fingernails, and blood on Jason Corbett’s feet.”

All three of those factors may have evidenced a struggle between the three individuals, making self-defense a more plausible argument.

But in addition to the baseball bat, a “landscaping stone” was also linked to Jason’s death, allegedly contributing to the blunt force trauma.

Screenshot/ABC News

And on Thursday, the North Carolina jury unanimously found both Martens and Corbett guilty of second-degree murder.

Every single jury member maintained that Martens and Corbett were not acting out of self-defense but, instead, murdered Jason in cold blood.

Per ABC News, when the court announced its verdict, Corbett said:

“I’m really sorry to my mom, he should have just killed me.”

Although Corbett did not reportedly take the stand during the trial, she was given the chance to say something after the verdict was announced. She told the court:

“I did not murder my husband. My father did not murder my husband.”

According to ABC News, it was only then that she alleged Jason was an abusive husband, saying:

“The incidents occurred as they did on a somewhat regular basis; the difference is that my father was there.”

Screenshot/ABC News

Those statements were only made after the jury ruled she and her father were guilty.

On Thursday, both Martens and Molly were sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison — with a maximum of 25 years.

Jason is survived by his two children, who are now residing with one of his family members.

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