Former “The Bachelor” star Bekah Martinez isn’t shy when it comes to the realities of being a new mom.

The 24-year-old reality star welcomed her first child, a baby girl, in February, and has been sharing her journey through motherhood with fans on social media ever since.

But now, Martinez is in hot water after some Instagram users were angered by a caption she wrote on a recent post about her daughter.

The mom shared post showing off her adorable daughter, along with the caption:

Sometimes having a baby sucks. Then they look like this and you’re like “okay, fine. I’ll keep you.”

Though it was likely just a light-hearted comment by an exhausted mom, many of Martinez’s fans were quick to leave critical comments.

Many said that her caption was not appropriate. One Instagram user wrote:

You have ONE CHILD! And it sucks already? Wow. You should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously.

Another said:

I think you need to totally reword or delete this post…

However, other fans were quick to jump in a defend the mom. A commenter responded:

Only parents could truly understand this caption. Sorry you’re getting a lot of unwarranted hate. Being a mom is really hard! It’s absolutely normal not to enjoy every minute of it.

It doesn’t seem Martinez was rattled by the negative comments. She responded to one user who wrote that “it never sucks”:

Agree to disagree lol and it’s okay to feel like it sucks.

What do you think of the mom’s post? Let us know in the comments.

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