Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson doesn’t want to appear as someone she’s not. That includes someone with six-pack abs.

As Fox News reports, the popular cookbook author and food TV personality weighed in on the issue of airbrushing and Photoshop with a revelation about her own experiences.


In response to a complaint about Photoshop from “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil, Lawson tweeted that she has had her own problems with television executives who wanted to digitally whittle her down to a flat stomach.

“I’ve had to tell American TV stations not to airbrush my sticking out stomach,” wrote Lawson. She added, “The hatred of fat, and assumption that we’d all be grateful to be airbrushed thinner is pernicious.”

Lawson’s tweet garnered both applause and outrage. Many commenters were offended that networks would even see the need to edit Lawson’s body, while others praised her for taking a stand.

This isn’t the first time the 58-year-old Lawson has spoken out against the trend of airbrushing celebrities. In 2013, she wrote on her blog about how excited she was to appear on ABC’s “The Taste.” However, she ran into trouble with executives who wanted to Photoshop her stomach:

Although it was very thrilling to think of being up on a billboard in LA and around the States, I was very strict and English and told them they weren’t allowed to airbrush my tummy out.

Speaking to the Splendid Table, Lawson explained that she thinks airbrushing has become, “the habit,” when it comes to promotional materials.

Lawson didn’t fit the ideal of “young, blonde, and thin,” but that didn’t stop the show’s executives from trying to get her partway there:

“I could see them wincing when they saw my tummy bulging out of my dress. And when I say bulging, I don’t mean huge. I just mean you could see the roundness. It was a tummy.

I had to keep saying, ‘No, you can’t airbrush it. No. Leave it in.’ I mean, whether that was a wise thing to do, I don’t know. Because then I thought, ‘Well, it looks very creased as well.’ But that was my fault, because I really put the fear of God into them.”

Lawson went on to explain to the Splendid Table that she doesn’t want to be Photoshopped because she doesn’t want to present a false image of who she is:

“I really didn’t want to become what I’m not. I’m all for taking exercise so that I can eat as much as I can without getting too huge, but nevertheless, I didn’t want to be turned into a plastic creation. As human beings, we are flawed, and it would make me more anxious to hide my flaws than to reveal them.”

Not that this is part of an agenda. Lawson just doesn’t want to be forced to suck in her gut everywhere she goes.

She told the Splendid Table:

“So it wasn’t out of some lofty mission to be honest. It would just make me feel like, ‘How can I walk into a room?’ There’s only so long I can hold my tummy in without breathing. I wouldn’t want to have to pretend to be something I’m not just for my own anxiety levels.”

For Lawson, it’s really about a photo that is honest about who you are, flaws and all. As she wrote on her blog, “That tum is the truth and is come by honestly, as my granny would have said.”

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One Reply to “Food TV Star Demanded TV Execs to Stop After They Airbrushed Out Her ‘Bulging’ Stomach”

  • MariaRose 2 years ago

    Too bad, none of the pictures shown, show her real figure as I am sure she has a very nice real woman figure, which has not been tightened by a personal trainer or plastic surgery. The main problem is also the trend in styles for tight sheer clothes that leave no room for hiding figure “flaws”. There’s too much of a push for the “ideal” figure for a woman–Barbie figure. Real women have curves.

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