Melissa Hancock starred on Season 2 of Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta.”

On November 4, Hancock was arrested and charged with DUI/maiming and driving the wrong way after she collided head-on with another vehicle, killing its driver.

According to CBS News, Hancock struck the other vehicle while driving the wrong way on I-264 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

People reports that the 29-year-old victim, Daniel Dill, served in the U.S. Coast Guard as an information systems technician. Dill had been a member of the Coast Guard since graduating from high school.

Dill was reportedly on his way to pick up his wife, Natalia, and her friends who were out celebrating a birthday. They had made arrangements with each other earlier that day so Natalia and her group of friends wouldn’t drink and drive.

Dill and Natalia were married on October 15, 2010.

NBC New York

Police arrived at the scene of the accident around 2 a.m. As CBS News reports:

Hancock’s blood alcohol content tested at 0.112 percent two hours after the crash, exceeding the 0.08 legal limit, authorities said. Hancock is 4 feet tall and weighs 77 pounds.

She reportedly told a state trooper that she had somewhere between two and four mixed drinks an hour before she left the local nightclub.

Her lawyer said in a statement:

Everyone involved feels horrible about the tragic accident. We are investigating the accident and the allegations against Miss Hancock.

As a result of the crash, Dill suffered “a major spinal cord injury, brain swelling, internal injuries and broken bones.” He passed away the following day. His family described him as “the most compassionate guy you would ever meet.”

His father-in-law said:

“He was the best son-in-law a father could ever have. We loved him as if he were our son.”

Dill’s sister told People:

“He was the type of man who would do anything and everything to help others. Just recently he had returned from Puerto Rico where he was assisting with the hurricane relief efforts. […]

Daniel was well-liked by his coworkers and commanding officers. He was goofy and funny and always up for a laugh. He loved spending time with his family, especially his wife and dogs.”

Dill’s father, Chris, made remarks to NBC New York:

“It satisfies nothing in me to talk to her or about her. I am just disgusted that her poor decision cost my son, who was making all the right decisions, his life. It’s just so unfair.”

Hancock was held without bail from November 4 to November 7. Dill was laid to rest on Veterans Day.

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