Imgur user Sarah Grant is a resident of central Florida. About two weeks ago, she was prepping her home for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, which wreaked havoc through most of the state and much of the Caribbean.

A four-legged surprise launched the Florida woman into a viral sensation. Grant shared a story on Imgur of a stray dog who approached her as she was sweeping up her front porch. The nervous pup snuck up onto the deck and jumped at the touch of a human.

The local woman decided to bring some food out for the lost dog, and immediately, she could tell something was up. She explained:

She [the dog] scarfed it down with such ferocity. She went through three bowls of food and two cups of water before taking a breath. And each time I went back in the house she waited patiently for me to come back out.

Grant decided to bring the wayward animal into her own home and clean her up a little bit. What she found, instead, was appalling.


The dog’s fur was matted in several places, and its paws were bloodied and dirty:

She was filthy and smelled to high heaven. Almost every bit of her fur was matted with dirt or feces. She wouldn’t let me touch her ears but I could see massive matts behind them that had to be so painful too.

After a few failed attempts at a bath, the unsung Florida hero was able to give the pup a proper scrub. Much of the dog’s fur had to be cut or shaved off due to extreme matting. There was even tar found between her fur and skin.

She hated the noise but allowed me to cut away most of the matts [sic]. I still couldn’t go anywhere near her ears though even with just scissors. It took four hours of cutting and scrubbing. To get her to a reasonable state. The hardened tar was so difficult to get off her backside. I ended up needing to shave away so much of her fur before it was all said and done.

Though the pet made a new friend! The user had several other pets, including a small dog named Arthur. According to the user, they immediately took to one another.


Grant had one mission — to find the owner of this meandering pet. She went to the vet to check for a chip and found no luck. So she turned to the ever-knowledgeable internet.

After weeks of searching, Grant found some answers.

The husky mix was passed from owner to owner for the past year or so, traveling from family to family who did not have the means to properly support her. Though what truly broke the Imgur user’s heart was the story of the final owner, a boy who simply left the dog on the side of the road [sic]:

I found one of person who said that she had been her boyfriends dog. And that her boyfriend couldn’t keep her so they let her out of the truck on the side of a road. A month. In a different city. That just broke my heart.

She had some tough but fair words for that boy, adding, “that guy is a horrible human being and I’d smash his nuts with a hammer if I could.”

We don’t want to get on her bad side.

But the story has a happy ending for most parties involved. The user decided to adopt the dog as her own and add to her growing family of animals. She’s named the dog Amaterasu, or Amy for short.


Grant’s currently asking her followers and fans for a little more help. She’s set up a PayPal page here to raise some money for Amy’s medical bills and supplies, hoping to get enough to finally give the mistreated animal the home it so desperately deserves.

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