It didn’t take long for Jenni Pulos to realize her daughter was a miracle.

As the “Flipping Out” star told Us Weekly, going through two years of fertility treatments was difficult, especially the unsuccessful first round of IVF.

The mother of two told People she’d been reluctant to show her IVF struggles on camera, but ultimately decided that sharing her own experience might help others:

“Being open about it and being able to share lets other people understand that they’re not alone.”

Then the second round of IVF came with the nerve-wracking wait to find out if there would be a viable embryo. Pulos remembered for Us Weekly the moment she learned they had one chance:

“So we were waiting and waiting, and the doctor finally walked in the room. We just thought, ‘Oh my gosh what is the news going to be?’ and I was already mentally preparing myself for a disappointment. And he came in and said, ‘There’s only one viable embryo, it’s a little girl and we’re going to transfer her now.'”

The odds were against them, but Pulos was determined to try. She told People they were given only a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant in that cycle, but she had a sense that things would work out:

“We had one chance, and through the process we almost stopped because the doctor said, ‘This isn’t looking good.’ And something in me said, go forward.”

Fortunately, the transfer worked and Pulos shared the happy news of her second pregnancy in January. But the expectant mom almost lost her baby just a few weeks into the pregnancy when she was given contaminated progesterone.

She told Us Weekly:

“When I finally did get pregnant you start something called progesterone to make sure the pregnancy stays strong in the first few weeks,. I was on IV antibiotics for 10 days, I had to go to the ER. I thought I was going to lose the pregnancy after all that I’d been through.”

At her baby shower in April, a grateful and relieved Pulos told Us Weekly:

“The good news is, when a miracle is supposed to be, it’s supposed to be. So, we made it through and the rest of the pregnancy has actually been quite nice.”

In June, Pulos and her family welcomed Georgia Grace, a healthy baby girl weighing eight pounds, one ounce. Pulos told Entertainment Tonight that she and husband Dr. Jonathan Nassos were overwhelmed with joy:

“We are thankful and blown away that this dream came true. It was (and still is) an uphill climb that was treacherous, yet so worth the fight and persistence for our family and our daughter.”

Pulos wants other women who are considering IVF to understand the emotional and physical challenges involved, but she also wants them to have hope that it can be successful.

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She told Us Weekly how moving it’s been to see baby Georgia bond with four-year-old sister Alianna:

“She was worth every shot and every time I cried. When we finally got to the finish line of her being born it was so incredibly rewarding.”

Though Pulos is honest about the “dark times” she experienced along the way, she says she’s now, “living in a dream.” As she told Us Weekly:

“It feels amazing to be a mom of two, especially because we went through a lot to have her.”

She added: “When I look at her I just think, ‘Wow, miracles are possible.'”

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