Mom Krupa Patel Bala was traveling on a United Airlines flight with her husband and 8-month-old on September 24 when a flight attendant unexpectedly confronted her.

Now, she’s demanding an apology.

The mom wrote on Facebook that the confrontation started at the beginning of their long flight home from Australia.

The family was sitting in their business class seats when they were approached by an airline employee, identified only as Linda.

Bala said that their child was fussy and had started crying, which angered the woman:

After about 5 minutes of the baby crying in the bassinet, Linda (the flight attendant manager who is also our server and the purser) came over and *yelled* at my husband it was “absolutely unacceptable” for the baby to cry.

Linda asked the mom to speak to her in economy class, where she was told that there were rules against her child crying.

Bala wrote on Facebook:

I was told it’s part of the rule book that the babies are not allowed to cry for more than 5 minutes. When I asked to see the rule book, I was laughed at and told I could see it when we landed because there’s no internet. Yet. Here I am. Posting this in-flight via WiFi that I specifically purchased to post this for $28.99.

The mom continued on to say that she understood it was irritating to hear a crying baby but that the flight attendant should have reacted differently.

She said that Linda’s behavior surprised other crew members. The mom decided that was the last time they would fly using the airline:

More than anything, I tried to explain to her that I understand that people might get frustrated if the baby cries but there is a more constructive way for her to ask us to manage the situation. She could have asked us to walk the baby around, tactfully shared that it was starting to disturb passengers, or really ANYTHING with a smile that acknowledged that we weren’t out to make everyone (including us) suffer. Her response to that was to tell me that it didn’t matter because it was just unacceptable for the baby to cry and as the parent, I need to control him.

We will never fly United again.

In an update to the post, Bala said that the captain apologized to them after the flight but that Linda would not admit her mistakes.

Bala said she hopes that the flight attendant will eventually apologize.

They also later clarified that there is, in fact, no airline rule about babies crying.

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