Rebecca Burger, 32, was a fitness and lifestyle blogger with 55,000 fans on Facebook and 158,000 Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, the French beauty was using a whipped cream dispenser when it exploded, leading to tragic results, Kidspot reports.

According to the New York Daily News, the device Burger was using not an old-fashioned aerosol can of whipped cream but rather a gourmet whipped cream dispenser.

It functions by using gas capsules, high pressure, and a metal canister to create the light, fluffy cream. But sometimes, during the process, those capsules can shoot off, creating a bullet effect.

Sadly, that’s just what happened to Burger.

And despite receiving medical attention following the freak accident, Burger died from cardiac arrest.

Her family announced her passing via her Instagram.

Now, they are hoping to spread awareness about the faulty dispensers.

According to Kidspot, the post reads in part:

Here is an example of a siphon that exploded and struck Rebecca’s thorax, resulting in her death … Do not use this kind of utensil in your home!

According to BBC, the device has caused an array of injuries.

In 2013, an exploding canister was a near-death experience for one consumer. The person walked away with six broken ribs and a broken sternum; they were told they could have died if the blast had hit them in the heart.

Other injuries have ranged from fractures to broken teeth, to the loss of an eye.

BBC also reports that despite an alert concerning the defective product and at least one product recall, Le Parisien reported that of the 160,000 items sold, only 25,000 were returned.

Following the news of Burger’s untimely death, thousands of supporters sent their condolences.

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