Maria Kang has made a living off of holding people accountable for reaching their fitness goals. As a mother of three, her message of “no excuses” has especially resonated with mothers across the nation.

Five years ago, one of her photos posing with her three young sons went viral. And her sculpted body, along with her caption, catapulted her tough-love lifestyle brand into the limelight.

Maria Kang/Facebook

Now, however, she seems to be changing her tune a bit. In a recent Facebook post, Kang uploaded a side-by-side photo of her original viral image and a present-day recreation.

But this time, her motivational messaging moved beyond “no excuses.” This time, she acknowledged that there’s a world full of valid and good “excuses,” but to get past them, people need to find their “reason” to go on.

She wrote, in part:

After you address your Excuse, you need to find your Reason. 5 years later I’m still seeking the hard route, after all, in a country where you are the Healthy minority you must #dodifferent You need to find your reason, your WHY for prioritizing your health. You are who you surround yourself with so if everyone is starting an extreme diet, be balanced. If everyone is sitting watching TV shows, get up and move. If everyone is ordering high-calorie meals and drinking sugary drinks, choose otherwise!

And her new message seemed to resonate just as much with people as the old one:

Maria Kang/Facebook Maria Kang/Facebook

Whether it’s a better of understanding what really keeps people from the gym or her own 180-degree change of attitude, it’s clear this momma now believes that there are always excuses — it’s just that she’s learning how to navigate them.

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