Thomas Harwell

Thomas Harwell couldn’t leave until he was sure the elderly woman was going to make it up the stairs again.

As KXAN reports, Thomas and his family were at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo featuring Brad Paisley on Saturday. That’s when they noticed an elderly woman struggling to make her way down the stadium stairs to her seat. Thomas’ wife, Shayla, told CNN:

“She was having a rough time. I nudged my husband and told him that they may need help.”

The woman was at the concert with her daughter and two granddaughters. Thomas helped the woman find her seat and then returned to enjoy the concert with his wife and young daughter. But he knew the woman would have an equally tough time getting back up the stairs after the concert was over.

Y'all I have to brag on my husband big time tonight! He made me Soo proud. As we were sitting in our seats waiting for…

Posted by Shayla Harwell on Saturday, March 16, 2019

So Thomas kept an eye on the woman. After the show, he went to help her exit the stadium. He told CNN:

“I helped her downstairs, and I wasn’t going to leave until I helped her upstairs.”

Because the woman lacked the strength to climb the stairs to the exit, Thomas came up with another solution. He asked “if he could pick her up,” and she agreed.

Shayla snapped a photo of Thomas carrying the woman up the stairs. She later shared the image on Facebook and spoke about how proud she was of her husband for coming to the woman’s aid. She told CNN:

“I’m almost shocked, I really honestly didn’t think it would go that far. She was very appreciative. When he placed her down at the top of the stairs, she was grinning ear to ear. It really touched her to have him help her.”

Shayla’s post has since gone viral, with thousands of people commenting on how touched they were by Thomas’ gesture.

As a firefighter and Senior Captain of the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department, Thomas doesn’t see anything remarkable in his actions. He simply says that his “job is to help people.”

Neither Thomas nor his wife knows the name of the woman they helped, but they both say they weren’t looking for any recognition for the kind deed. As Thomas told CNN:

“If you’re alive and breathing, you shouldn’t need an excuse to help someone else. If they need help, help them.”

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4 Replies to “Firefighter Sees Woman Struggling With Stairs at Brad Paisley Concert and Asks Her if He Can Carry Her Out”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    He is the heart of our country! He is an example for our children to aspire to be! Thank you for Your compassion & willingness to help when it is needed! You are a true man!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What a great example of compassion and all-around super human being, I hope our young people of this generation will follow his lead

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    May God bless you all and keep Thomas safe in all of his circumstances!

  • Sagebrushqueen 2 years ago

    Sir you are a bright and beautiful example of what we should all be, kind, compassionate and giving freely where we can fill a need for someone else. God bless you and your family always!

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