After Jeremy Bourasa and his bride, Krista, lost their venue weeks earlier, the couple was excited to get married without any complications.

However, with a firefighter as her now-husband, Krista knew they had to set some boundaries before the big day, which was rescheduled to be held at the fire station. She told KARE 11:

“We talked about it, ‘What if there’s a call?’ I was like, ‘You can let the other guys go; you’re not leaving our wedding.'”

When a call did come through while the couple was taking their photos, Krista had a change of heart. “Mutual aid was needed” at a severe house fire nearby in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Jeremy and Krista exchanged knowing looks before the groom took off. Krista said:

“I kept hearing how bad it was and they needed more men. I couldn’t just keep him. I looked at him and I just said, ‘Go ahead and go babe, you’re fine. Just go help them and come back when you can.'”

And he did come back, three hours later, just in time for a dance with his wife.

While the couple is excited to begin their life together, the family who experienced the fire is not faring as well. Gary and Kristi Johnson “lost everything” in the house fire earlier this month, according to a GoFundMe page set up by their neighbors. Although they were able to scrape together their family heirlooms, they were left homeless. However, the family posted an update on its fundraising page that reads:

[W]e would like to say that this experience has reinforced what we have believed for some time. When someone is in need, step forward. There is always someone out there who could use your assistance, whether it be financial, a small donation, or your time. Give when or how you can because you never know when you will be the person on the receiving end.

That was exactly the line of thinking Krista had when Jeremy left to help. She told KARE 11:

“I’ve got the rest of my life with him. They needed him for that moment.”

Krista understands the Johnsons’ tragedy on a personal level. Her sister lost her house in a fire a year before, and two years ago, a house fire took the lives of her young niece and nephew. Krista added:

“It’s hard for a lot of people to realize, there’s things that are more important than you at the moment.”

To donate to the Johnsons’ GoFundMe, visit the fundraising page.

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