Cindy Moore doesn’t mind looking “plastic.” In fact, that’s the whole point.

As Metro reports, the mother of two says she’s always preferred what some refer to as a “fake” look. In her teens (before having children), she liked sporting bleached hair and heavy make-up. She told the Mirror:

“When I first met my ex I was 19 and I had started looking like I do now, but definitely not as extreme.”

Giving birth to her son Max, age eight, and daughter Lacey, age six, caused Moore to fall into a rut. Not only did she stop working on her appearance, but she gained about 100 pounds.

Then Moore learned that her fiancé was having an affair. That’s when she decided to make a dramatic change.

She told Metro that the first thing she did after breaking off the relationship was lose the weight:

“When we split last year I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought ‘this needs to go,’ so I trained hard and cut the carbs and lost it really rapidly.”

Then she turned to her overall look. As she explained to Metro, she’s always been a fan of the “bimbo blow-up doll look.” So she decided to transform herself into a sex doll.

Since then, Moore has spent more than $12,000 on plastic surgery, including a $9,000 breast enhancement. And she’s not done yet. She said:

“I want another boob job and probably a tummy tuck. […] I used to be around a size A, but now my boobs are double Fs. I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m trying to lose more weight and look even more like a sex doll.”

Maintaining the look is both expensive and time-consuming. Every 10 days, Moore spends more than $300 on lip filler injections. She explained her beauty maintenance:

“Apart from my boobs it’s all gone on hair extensions and my lips too. I get them pumped three times a month to keep them looking blown up. It’s a full time job looking like this.”

Moore claims her family is fully behind her transformation and that her children even prefer her blow-up doll look. She told the Mirror:

“My six year old daughter says that when I’m all done up I look like a doll. She really loves it too. My son is eight, and he prefers it when I have my make up on too.”

Last year, Moore appeared on a reality show meant to help people with an extreme appearance embrace a more natural approach to beauty.

But instead of inspiring her to tone things down, Moore’s experience on the show persuaded her to put more effort into the sex doll look. She told Metro:

“I think the point of the TV show was to show me that I looked better with a natural look, but it just had the opposite effect really. All I could think was ‘I’ve got a long way to go.’ I had my lips pumped and I just started getting more and more followers online.”

After the show, Moore’s social media celebrity took off. She now belongs to a “Bimbonati” group on Instagram and sells photos of herself online.

However, there is a downside to her distinctive appearance. While Moore says she gets a lot of attention from men, the stares and wolf whistles prevent her from going out as often. As she told Metro:

“Sometimes it’s like people don’t realize I’m actually a person and not really a sex doll.”

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