Nothing hits the spot quite like a handwritten note. Often times, the effort and personalized touch of the gesture means more than the message itself.

But a South Dakota newscaster found out the hard way not to judge a book by its cover.

Just this week, KELOLand News reporter Angela Kennecke received a sweet piece of stationery in the mail.

On first glance, the handwritten note appeared to be a thank-you note from a viewer.

But once Kennecke took a closer look, she was shocked:

Most of the spiteful comments I get these days come through social media. However, this one came on pretty stationery!…

Posted by KELO Angela Kennecke on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Apparently, the beautifully adorned note was actually scathing criticism.

Kennecke’s less than adoring fan lambasted her hair, posture and even called for her resignation — reading, in part:

Please go get a professional Middle age (sic) hair cut and style. You are no longer a teenager … Please put your hands down … You are not conducting an orchestra.

The reporter shared the chastising note with her Facebook followers along with a spirited caption:

Most of the spiteful comments I get these days come through social media. However, this one came on pretty stationery! But the message is quite ugly! Apparently this little old lady doesn’t like my hair or the fact I use my hands when I talk. And she wants me to stop reporting on GEAR UP. It astounds me she took the time to actually write and snail mail this, but then was too afraid to sign her name! I feel sorry for someone whose mind works in this negative way!

Kennecke’s fans came swiftly to her defense, encouraging the TV personality to keep up the good work:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

One particularly feisty commenter called the note’s author “old and bitter”:


Another was quick to point out how often women get criticized over their male colleagues:


In any event, it seems that Kennecke is taking this all in stride, writing in another comment that she had to “develop a thick skin in this job. It took me a while!”

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