Actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced on Friday, September 13 for her role in the college admissions scandal that plagued a handful of well-known families and universities.

Huffman, best known for her role in Desperate Housewives, pleaded guilty in May to paying $15,000 to have her daughter’s SAT scores corrected in order to ensure that her child would get a higher test score.

During her sentencing hearing, Huffman, who is married to actor William H. Macy, apologized both for her actions and to her daughter.

As she read her statement to the judge, the mom of two became emotional, E! News reports. Macy also teared up as he watched and listened:

“On the way to the testing center, I thought to myself, ‘Turn around, turn the car around.’ One of the hardest things was after my arrest my daughter said, ‘I don’t know who you are anymore.’ I am so sorry, Sophia. I was frightened. I was stupid, and I was so wrong. I am deeply ashamed of what I have done. […] I take full responsibility for my actions and as a first step for making amends for my crime. I will accept whatever punishment you deem appropriate.

Following her passionate declaration, Huffman learned her fate.

According to NBC News, the actress was sentenced to 14 days in jail. The judge also requested that the 56-year-old pay a fine of $30,000 and be put on one year of supervised release. Huffman was also sentenced to 250 hours of community service.

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani also said:

“This is a system which does not have a pure meritocracy and a person in position of wealth and position you are is in a much easier position in this meritocracy of college admissions. In a system of that sort, in that context, that you took the step of obtaining one more advantage to put your child over theirs.”

Following the conclusion of the hearing, Huffman was able to go home with Macy. She is expected to turn herself in by October 25.

And although the hearing took place in Boston, People reports that Huffman will serve her time in a Dublin, California correctional institution near the actress’s home.

A total of 50 people were charged in the college admission scandal, including Full House actress Lori Loughlin. As Dearly previously reported, Loughlin and her husband have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, which included conspiracy to commit mail fraud, honest services mail fraud, and money laundering.

It’s unclear when Loughlin’s trial will begin.

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One Reply to “Felicity Huffman Sentenced After Paying $15,000 to Have Daughter’s SAT Scores Corrected”

  • Denise Nichols 1 year ago

    We all make the wrong choices/decisions especially when it comes to our children because we want the best for them. Admitting when we are wrong is a big step in setting the right example for our children no matter their age. Being in the public eye people will scrutinize everything you do and be very judgemental. I do hope her daughter is forgiving and knows her mom had her best interest at heart even though she was wrong in what she did.

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