After a 14-year-old boy from British Columbia died of an apparent overdose, his father is calling for the arrest of those who watched him die.

According to the Global News, a video of the teenager, identified as Carson, began circulating on various social media platforms showing him slurring his speech and twitching, as his eyes “bugged out.”

In the background of the video, the boy’s peers can allegedly be heard laughing, rather than attempting to help him.


After seeing the video, the teen’s father, Aron Crimeni, told the Global News he wants to see the people who laughed at his dying son be prosecuted for their behavior and lack of willingness to save him:

“They knew he was dying. He was dying right in front of their eyes, and they filmed it. They filmed it, and they Snapchatted it, and nobody called for help.”

Crimeni noted that as far as he knew, his son didn’t do hard drugs recreationally. He added that his son was his best friend and a good kid, who just wanted to fit in. Carson’s mother told CTV News:

“Carson was a really beautiful kid. He really was. He was special. He was loving.”

The boy was found alone in a ditch near a local skate park by a separate group of teenagers, who did notify the authorities. He was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital on August 7.

Langley RCMP told the Global News, they believe Carson passed away of “an overdose on narcotics.” According to the posts shared on social media, people claimed Carson was “tweaking” on a drug called Molly, formally known as MDMA or ecstasy. Posts also claimed that Carson was “15 caps deep.”


However, coroners have not yet confirmed those claims.

Crimeni told Global News that anyone could have called 911, including the people who watched the video on social media:

“One person, just one person could have called. Even if he wasn’t there, seeing it on Snapchat and sitting at home, he could have called 911 anonymously and said ‘hey, there’s a kid in trouble and he’s here, go help him.’ They might have been able to save him.”

Now, the grieving father says the people who took and the video of his son should be prosecuted for their actions and “held accountable.” Something one criminal lawyer, Paul Doroshenko, says is possible “if the teens can be identified,” according to the Global News.

Crimeni said the people Carson was with that night were people he thought “were his friends. He called them his friends. He trusted them.”

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21 Replies to “Father Wants Bystanders Who Filmed His Son’s Overdose Charged for Not Helping”

  • Emma Parsons 2 years ago
  • Rhonda 2 years ago

    Yes they need to be charged how dare someone video this and post it and not get the child help. WTH is wrong with people when a life taken and a funny thing to watch. So wrong in so many ways. PRAYERS LOVE AND HUGS TO THE PARENTS. And justice for them and there son

  • Debbie LaRue 2 years ago

    It is sooo sad how cold teenagers are now. Not like when I grew in the 60s and 70s. Hurts my heart.

  • Teresa Price 2 years ago

    Yes charges should be given to those that were there video taping.

  • Angela Davis 2 years ago

    I am in the same situation in Holly Springs GA and no one will help me. My daughter Jordan was 19 when we lost her June 4, 2018. Her “best friend” took over 2 dozen videos and pics of my baby dying, edited them, filtered with coherent texts, borders and all then sent them to fb, snapchat etc friends, including my son. They were in a hotel 3 mins from our home, 3 mins from 911. Her “friend” never once tried to help her, never called 911, let my girl suffer and struggle for HOURS, covered my girl in burnt dollar bills, had tarot cards and crystals in the corners, plastered wall with sticky notes, put my baby face down in tub with a little water, tossed a blanket over her and tried to leave the scene. Believed to be time of death around 7am, found by housekeeping 11:37. Never did anything. “Friend” walked free, those who got messages with video/pics and sent them to more ppl..all walk free. Detectives lied to our face and dismissed the scene, never looking at it as a crime scene and making statements to housekeeping my girl was a “lost cause” even though she was sober, doing good and heading to a positive future. The friend got the meth, got the hotel room, gave my girl the ride there and violated my daughter undressing her, video/pics, violated a corpse, lied to pd and detectives 4 times about what happened. My daughter did not know she was being given a death sentence from the friend she trusted, she laughed on the 911 call when she got in the phone after owners called. Laughed and stated “yeah shes cold stiff and blue” when asked if her friend had overdosed.That sick, twisted, demonic, evil being walks free with a laugh and a smile. I hope you do get justice. As parents we deserve this much as we are sentenced to hell on earth “living” each day without our beautiful children. Prayers for you and your family.

  • Kimberly 2 years ago

    Absolutely kids need to be held accountable do adult things be treated as such

  • David M. Demarest 2 years ago

    It is sad people are so low as to let someone die and film it but let the person die. They should have helped .

  • Susan Howsden 2 years ago
  • Sherry 2 years ago

    This is truly unimaginative. What is wrong with people. They have no value given to life.

  • Amack 2 years ago

    Not sure if they can be charged, but they sure as hell need to be held accountable. Those actions should be dealt with accordingly, whether they are forced to do public service, perform work in a hospital or names placed on a wall of shame, anything except go unpunished.

  • David 2 years ago

    I agree. Charge them cold heartless bastards!

  • Todd 2 years ago

    Find them and TAS them then put some bullets in them make em suffer.take the law into your hands.god bless you

  • Drea 2 years ago

    I’m not sure how anyone would know someone is dying. They’re kids. Stupid? Yes!! Guilty of bad judgment? Yes! I don’t think those kids did anything wrong. They were partying and probably on drugs themselves. The father needs to accept his child wasn’t perfect and that he did this to himself. He took the drugs himself, he wasn’t forced. Parents always think they know their kids, but 9 out of 10 times they have no clue who their child really was. Sorry for his loss, but this is no one’s fault except his son’s.

  • Jennifer ODell 2 years ago

    First, I’m truly sorry for the loss of your son. It’s not right or fair these teen’s haven’t been held accountable for their actions.
    To the gentleman who was telling the story of his daughter in the hotel room. This is horrible. The “friend” should have been charged for what she did. It’s beyond despicable actions. I don’t understand how she wasn’t charged with what she did. I mean the pictures in undressing her decimation of a corpse it’s just not right. I am truly sorry that you had to go through something like that you and your family. May you find some kind of peace and I hope she is charged. I hope this case is reopened and she goes to prison for what she did. I’m a recovering drug addict I was addicted for 22 years. I’ve seen a lot of things but nothing quite like this. I have been clean and sober now for seven years this past May. God bless you
    Yes, the teen’s can be punished Drea. Here in WV it is now a crime if one of the friends gave him the drugs they can be held accountable and charged with manslaughter. Yes he knew that his son was having problems. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell a father how he should feel at all. Judge not unto others unless you want to be judged.

  • Sarah hardens 2 years ago

    Absolutely they should be held accountable and as 14 or 15 year olds those who video taped or knew and saw what happened and did nothing should be held accountable as well as their parents . I know some places hold parents as well as the kids who knew or were there and didn’t do anything to help accountable as well. A quick 20 second 911 call we need help someone is. dieing with an. address is all it takes that’s so sad .

  • Dale 2 years ago

    I just want to say Drea your a fucking idiot what if it were your child think about that yes they should be held accountable…….. …..

  • Tracie 2 years ago

    I am so very sorry for your loss! Just 3 weeks ago my brother and sister in law lost their son to meth. It is a horrible thing for everyone to go through! The hole that is left in the shattered hearts of parents never goes away! He had been in rehab and was old enough to check himself out and he did. He and his girlfriend went for a walk in a park and it was there that he chased his final high. The girlfriend did nothing…and it is unfortunate because he could’ve been saved just like your son could have had there been proper help. I feel there needs to be stiffer laws for these young folks to face when it comes to drugs of any kind! Maybe just maybe they wouldn’t do it if they knew the punishment would be detrimental to them. However, drugs are a demon that grab a hold of good people and takes their lives forever! This demon must be stopped but I am aware that it is much easier said than done. My nephews girlfriend is now clean! My nephew probably saved this young girls life because of what happened. I personally was rather upset and mad at the girlfriend for just being there and not getting the help that he needed so he could still be w us today however my brother and his wife blame no one but their son. They said it was his decision to chase the high he so longed for and they couldn’t place the blame on anyone else but their son. My brother had spent a fortune on rehabilitation centers for his son to no avail. You certainly cannot handcuff your older children to your side although any parent would try if it meant life or death for their child. I am so very very sorry that you lost your son!! May God bring you peace and comfort!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Leah 2 years ago

    In response to Drea, perhaps a read of this snap chat will enlighten you and bring you up to speed on how this group of kids went about deliberately overdosing an unsuspecting Carson, filming him dying, laughing and sharing it openly on social media. They knew exactly what they were doing and acted deliberately but Carson was not in on what they were doing to him. Shame on you for your post and lack of empathy for a family who is suffering the worst loss conceivable.×450-noPad.jpg?1565629536

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    This is in response to Drea, anyone with a shred of empathy even a child, a toddler can easily discern that something was wrong and he needed help. This isn’t a bad judgment call, a mistake this is a lack of empathy a basic human comprehension that unites everyone. Those bystanders need to be held accountable so they can possibly learn and recognize what it means to have empathy since they are so obviously mentally disturbed and in need of help themselves.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Why does anyone do drugs and then want sympathy after seeing g reiki g about it

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