Mordechai Halpern’s father turned to a home remedy when he heard his 1-year-old son coughing again, but his attempt to ease his child’s suffering backfired on him in a horrible way.

The boy had bronchitis, a chronic condition that caused him to cough, according to PIX 11. It was in the wee hours of the morning when his father allegedly tried to make the cough stop by creating a mixture of lemon, sugar, and water for his son to drink.

Then the dad strapped his 1-year-old child into his stroller, rolled him into the bathroom and turned the shower water on hot, making the bathroom a steam room for his son to sit in to calm his cough.

The father shut the door and walked out, leaving the boy all alone in the bathroom. Then the dad climbed back into his bed and fell asleep.

The New York Post reported the child was trapped in the steamy bathroom for an hour and a half.

Mordechai was found unconscious in his stroller by his mother when she walked into the bathroom after the alarm went off. Sadly, he was pronounced dead minutes after he arrived at Maimonides Medical Center in New York.

According to DNAInfo, the unnamed parent’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said:

“It is a tragedy. Right now, the family is in mourning. We’re trying to get the facts.”

Police did not find any visible signs of trauma on Mordechai after being left in the steamy bathroom. The mother and father were both questioned following their son’s death, but no immediate arrests took place.

The Administration for Children’s Services is investigating the death, while the medical examiner works to determine the boy’s cause of death by performing an autopsy.

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