Police say a tragic accident has claimed the life of an Alabama father who was visiting Chuck E. Cheese with his daughter.

It started on Saturday afternoon when Timothy Roshun Smith, 22, went to the Chuck E. Cheese in Vestavia Hills, WVTM reports.

Smith was changing the girl’s diaper in the parking lot with his daughter laying in the backseat of his car when he reached into her diaper bag.

Three unidentified men were in or near the car, though it’s unclear what their relation was to the family.

Police told AL.com that a loaded gun had been stored inside the diaper bag. The father accidentally caused it to discharge when he reached inside.

The child was reportedly hit in the leg but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Both were rushed to a nearby hospital.

On Monday, Smith passed away from the injuries he suffered from the gunshot. Thankfully, his little girl is expected to be OK. She is listed in stable condition.


It’s currently unknown why the gun was in the diaper bag or if it was there on purpose.

John and Ashley Gerrard of Bessemer were visiting the Chuck E. Cheese location with their 2-year-old daughter when Smith accidentally fired the gun.

They told WRBC it made them concerned for her safety. The father said:

“You don’t expect anyone would bring a gun around where kids would be. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Before Smith’s passing, police said they hadn’t determined if they’d press charges in the case. His family has not spoken out publicly.

Just last week, a 6-year-old girl in Georgia died after her 4-year-old brother got ahold of an unsecured gun that was left in the center console and fired it at her. The mother in that case will not be charged with any crime.

Unsecured weapons around children lead to an increased risk of death and injury. Weapons kept in cars should always be put in a gun safe.

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