A man and woman planned for a beautiful outdoor wedding at an apple orchard, but mother nature had something else in mind: a thunderstorm.

But rain falling on the bride and groom was not the worst thing that happened during their ceremony.

Canadian father J.P. Nadeau was giving his speech when the apple orchard suddenly turned into the center of a storm, according to NBC12.


Nadeau explained:

“I was looking at the people, and I was looking at my daughter and her husband… Back behind me, where I couldn’t see, was a wall of water that was coming across the field. The rain was incredible, but I mean, I couldn’t see it.”

Just as Nadeau used a microphone to compliment his daughter, telling his new son-in-law he was a lucky guy, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky, striking the father of the bride:

“My daughter was standing right there, and she said she saw a lightning bolt come down and hit behind me there. I had a microphone, and that jumped into the sound system and my hand just all lit up. I saw the spark of lightning. It was so bright in my hand. I couldn’t believe it.”

The BBC reported that the father heard the boom and felt the shock from the lightning strike. Luckily, it just injured his hand:

“I’m looking at my hand and it’s all flared up… It was like I was holding a lightning bolt in my hand, it was amazing.”

Nadeau walked away from the dangerous encounter with only one black spot on his finger.


Things could have gone much differently for the father of the bride that day, though, and that’s exactly what family and friends were thinking as they watched the terrifying moment take place:

“They were worried for me. They thought I was going to drop dead, you know, because it was a very close hit.”

But once Nadeau let everyone know that he was okay, the ceremony went on as planned.


Nadeau’s wife, Maggy Thomas, said:

“It was a beautiful wedding. […] But that was pretty terrifying for a second.”

As it turns out, this wasn’t even the first time Nadeau came out on the safe side of an accident that could have easily ended his life.

In 2015, he was working on a cruise ship close to the Falkland Islands that caught fire. The British Royal Air Force saved him from being killed in that blaze. A thankful Nadeau acknowledged that, somehow, he keeps escaping death:

“I’ve had lots of brushes with death,” he told BBC. “But death keeps ignoring me.”

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