A father is making the Instagram community sigh a collective “awe” with a video he posted of him spending time with his baby daughter.

Jimmy is a New York City firefighter. He’s also the dad to a beautiful baby girl named Kensley Peyton.

Last week, Jimmy took to Instagram to share a video of him giving Kensley a pedicure, and not only did it showcase a whole lot of cuteness, but it also showed the special bond between a father and his daughter.

The video shows the father telling his daughter to relax as he cuts and files her toenails. And at one point, Kensley seemingly had an opinion about her dad’s work. However, as Jimmy explained, he’s doing this free of charge, so she doesn’t have a lot of room to complain.

The father wrote:

Weekly spa talks with my baby girl, she got a little crazy with me today due to the fact that I was filing her nails a little too rough, y’all see why I can’t do anything for free, I’m charging her next week, just watch.

And many praised Jimmy for setting the bar high for other men who may come into Kensley’s life.

Some commenters wrote:

That’s what fathers do! Set the bar for her early so that any male that comes along has to reach above it! Good job dad! Keep up the good work! Love this!!!

Too cute! You’re an awesome father!

Could this be any more precious?? Ok daddy’s out there , if you aren’t being the best dad you can , it’s never to late to start .

Shortly after the dad’s video went viral, Jimmy took to Instagram again.

He said that he “hasn’t been a father for very long, but from the little experience I have, what I can say is be you, kids don’t care about how much money you spend on them, what they care about is the time you spend with them, remember Presence over presents King…”

How true is that?

Jimmy also said he can’t wait to show Kensley the reaction their video got when she’s older.

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