Ohio mom Keirstin Steele left her three children in the care of their father earlier this week while she attended to her nursing classes.

Steele said she knew Ryan Mosholder had a problem with his temper, but never expected him to take the life of her precious daughter, ABC 6 reports.

But now, her family is in mourning.

Heath Police Chief Dave Haren said that the 25-year-old father fled the apartment where he was watching the children on Monday and texted his brother that he had “done something unforgivable and that he was going to jail for a long time.”

His brother then went over to check on the children only to find 3-month-old Bri’Anna Mosholder not breathing.

Police were summoned to the residence and soon determined that the infant was deceased, People reports.

Haren said she had blood coming from her nose and appeared to have contusions on her skull.

The bruised body had been hidden away in an upstairs closet, the police chief said:

“It was in an upstairs bedroom in a closet, on a chest of drawers in the closet.”

Mosholder was arrested on Tuesday and charged with murder, according to the Newark Advocate.

Licking County Jail

The little girl’s grandmother, Calista Puryear, said that the father had issues that were never dealt with and it was only a matter of time until he blew up.

She told ABC 6:

“He is just a time bomb. When is he gonna explode? And he exploded, and took it out on my granddaughter.”

Bri’Anna’s mother is devastated by the loss of her daughter, and doesn’t understand why Mosholder decided to kill her. She said:

“Yes he has a violent temper but I didn’t think it would get this out of control. Why couldn’t he just call me? Why couldn’t he just take her next door or something?”

The two other children present at the time were unharmed.

The father is currently being held on $1 million bail and is expected to appear in court on March 15.

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