Spending the school day getting your hair and make-up done might sound like a girl’s dream come true, but for one father, it is just not right.

According to the Huffington Post UK, Twitter user Grumplestiltskin‏ used the platform to vent about what he thought was a sexist field trip— the boys were taken to a hardware store while the girls were put in the library for a day of getting pretty.

He wrote a letter to the school voicing his complaints about what be believed to be a “time warp” that his child was forced to endure:

When Ruby left for school yesterday it was 2017, but when she returned home in the afternoon she was from 1968.

I know this to be the case as Ruby informed me that the ‘girls’ in Year 6 would be attending the school library to get their hair and make-up done on Monday afternoon while the ‘boys’ are going to Bunnings [DIY hardware store].

Are you able to search the school buildings for a rip in the space-time continuum? Perhaps a faulty Flux Capacitor hidden away in the girls toilet block?

I look forward to this being rectified and my daughter and other girls at the school being returned to this millennium where school activities are not divided sharply along gender lines.

Some on Twitter saw the sexist side of keeping the girls away from the hardware store:

But one dad thought his daughter probably liked getting dolled up:

Another agreed:

Would it bother you if your daughter was kept at school for a hair and make-up lesson over a visit to the hardware store with the boys? Or is okay for boys to do boy things and girls to do girl things?

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