In 2015, Anthony Michael Sanders suffered through the sudden death of his 2-year-old daughter, Ellie Mae.

The 33-year-old Texas father became the prime suspect in his toddler’s death, according to NBC New York. He was arrested in April 2016 and charged with capital murder for killing her.

Sanders was placed behind bars when he was accused of smothering her to death with his hand for bothering him while he played computer games.

The father denied murdering Ellie Mae, claiming that he discovered she wasn’t breathing when his 5-year-old son told him he couldn’t wake her up.

Now, he has proof he was not the one who ended her life.

The dad was cleared of the capital murder charge when his now-7-year-old son admitted he was the one who killed his sister with a pillow.

The boy admitted to his mother that he killed Ellie Mae, but she didn’t believe him. She did, however, tell authorities — even though she thought he was making it up.

The brother described to police through his tears how his sister’s life ended when he was just a 5-year-old boy playing with her. He told them he rolled a heavy pillow on her face that he couldn’t move off her.

He explained there was something zipped inside of it making it heavier. The boy told the investigators he kept it a secret from everyone because he was:

“Afraid that he would get in trouble.”

Court records show the brother let it slip, saying he “killed his sister” during a counseling session a year or two ago, but the counselor didn’t ask him any questions about his statement.

The medical examiner’s office confirmed that it is possible that the then-5-year-old boy could overpower and smother his 2-year-old sister.

The shocking confession has gotten his father off the hook for murdering his daughter, leaving him “elated,” according to the father’s defense attorney, Tim Moore.

Moore doesn’t expect the dad to face any new charges the Star-Telegram reports. He said:

“That’s obviously up to the district attorney’s office. It’s my understanding that it’s over; there will be no more charges coming out of it.”

The Tarrant County district attorney’s office spokeswoman said prosecutors won’t discuss the dismissal of the murder charge or any aspects of the case involving Sanders. No information has been released about charges against the 7-year-old boy at this time.

See the father’s story below:

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