A New York man is behind bars after his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son died in “an especially cruel and wanton manner.”

According to the Star-Gazette of Elmira, it started when 23-year-old Dakota Miller and his girlfriend brought her unresponsive toddler, Ian Maniske-Huff, into a local hospital on Thanksgiving Day 2015.

When doctors at the hospital in Hornell got one look at the child, they knew something was terribly wrong.

Steuben County Jail

According to People magazine, hospital officials noticed that the 18-month-old boy was covered in multiple “human bite marks” that left him bruised and bleeding.

Miller would later tell police that he “probably bit him too hard,” according to the Star-Gazette.

Three days after the little boy was brought to the hospital, he passed away. But he didn’t die from the bite wounds.


Hornell police quickly launched an investigation into the death, according to People. And it wasn’t long before they found out what really killed baby Ian.

Autopsy results revealed that the 18-month-old was killed from blunt force trauma to the head and liver.

Miller’s stepfather told WHAM in 2015 that his stepson claimed it was all part of a tragic accident. The stepfather said:

“The night before he ran the baby to the hospital there was a board that dropped on the baby’s head. They put ice on the baby’s head and then they put the baby down.”

But Miller didn’t get away with it. In June, he was found guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter charges.


And on Tuesday, the 23-year-old finally received his sentence: 25 years to life in prison.

District Attorney Brooks Baker said it was one of the “most heinous crimes” he had ever dealt with. He told the Star-Gazette:

“We watched trial-hardened state police investigators become emotional. Emergency room doctors cried on the stand. The level of beating this poor child suffered — there are no words for it. It escapes reason and comprehension.”

Baker also said that he hopes Miller will never be granted early release.

The baby’s mother has not been charged.

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