Laura Mazza was waiting until she believed her own words about perfection before she posted the nude photo.

As Kidspot reports, the mom-of-three, who blogs at Mum on the Run, recently shared a naked photo of herself on Facebook. But unlike those who try to make everything on social media as “perfect” as possible, Mazza’s goal was very different.

In fact, she was making a statement about accepting imperfection.

Farewell perfection.I tried so hard to get you to love meI begged for you to approve of meI battled with you for so…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Sunday, June 23, 2019

In the post, the mom wrote “Farewell perfection” then listed all the ways she had chased that physical idea for so long:

I tried so hard to get you to love me
I begged for you to approve of me
I battled with you for so many years. 
You made me think I was nearly there so many times, but it was always just conditional.
I had to sacrifice a bite
I had to use an extra cream
I had to be someone else… different genetics and different circumstances.
I had to miss out on making life. 

Having realized that this pursuit of perfection only hurt herself, she concluded:

And all in all, it would never be good enough anyway.
So I’m done with you, I’m embracing my life without you.
And it already feels that much better.

Mazza explained to Kidspot that she planned on doing a nude photo for a while. She even took other photos, but “I knew I wasn’t ready to post it because I didn’t fully believe it then.”

It wasn’t until she knew that she meant every word that the mom was ready to share her nude selfie with the world:

“It was always in the cards it was just when I could say with the utmost certainty that this is how I felt.”

Though some people might be slightly panicked about having a nude on their Facebook page, Mazza told Kidspot that she’s “indifferent” to it:

“I’m glad I did because it helps others. I’ve always been an extrovert with no shame … (who is ironically riddled with social anxiety and sometimes very introverted) and it felt like nothing to me. No more than a selfie on the beach.”

For the blogger, helping others was the real “mission” behind the photo. Mazza explained that her goal is to ensure that other moms don’t “feel alone”:

“I remember how much of a shock motherhood was to me with my first and I remember feeling so alone with all my feelings, I just want to turn that all around so someone can say ‘yeah me too’, and feel good about themselves.”

The reactions she has received are an indication that Mazza succeeded.  Multiple commenters remarked on Mazza’s”honesty” and “realness.” One wrote:

What a powerful way of expressing an eternal truth. This is something I’ve struggled to overcome since my first baby. Thank you for showing the naked truth that we are beautiful masterpieces as women and mother’s alike

Many others thanked Mazza for making such a strong statement:

Awesome! I love that you are strong for all us women who are still finding love for themselves, that you put out there what we all know we need to be, accepting and loving of ourselves! Thank you for being a beautiful, strong badass woman!

Mazza was able to laugh about the positive and negative parts of her post — such as the fact that the mirror she used to take the photo accidentally broke or the fact that some people saw her post as a cry for attention:

As the trolls say, I wanted my children to google my name in 20 years and see me naked.

The mom says posting the nude photo made her feel better about herself in an unexpected way. As she told Kidspot:

“I actually felt really feminine after looking at it. I am proud I guess, proud to think that way and that photo helps me keep accountable to ensure there’s no negative self-talk.”

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2 Replies to “‘Farewell Perfection’: Mom Shares Nude Selfie on Social Media Because She Doesn’t Want Others to ‘Feel Alone’”

  • Carolyn Watson 2 years ago

    WOW !!!! I am older now, and as we age society tells us to no longer look for beauty, only wrinkles , lines, and Medicare. My body had many issues. I was unaware of how to resolve my issues because of immaturity, lack of knowledge, and a exorbitant appetite. When I figured it out I was too late. The weight is gone but, the aftermath will never leave. Scars and flabby skin are so hideous that I refuse to look in a mirror from the neck down. I live alone , lonely, depressed, and in despair. Rejected or repulsive looks from a man when he see my nude body results in a downward spiral for my life or my sanity, so I choose to remain hidden and lonely. Thumbs Up ?? to all the young and old women who see perfections with their body where I can only see imperfections with mine.

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