Over Christmas, Jacob Roloff and his longtime love, Isabel, traveled to Iceland and immersed themselves in its culture.

The pair kept their fans updated during their travels but purposely neglected to share one major piece of information— that the two of them got engaged.

Over the weekend, via a series of Instagram posts, Jacob finally shared the story of their engagement. It began with a picture of Jacob and Isabel standing in front of what appears to be a hotel mirror:

Jacob Roloff/Instagram

He wrote:

A few moments and a short walk before…

Jacob then posted a photo of just Isabel seemingly wiping a tear from her eye:

Jacob Roloff/Instagram

He said:

A few moments and a brief conversation later…

The third picture, from their official engagement photo shoot, showed both of them looking as happy as ever:

Jacob Roloff/Instagram

He exclaimed:

We got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas. So much love for this beautiful soul. Here’s to many more Christmas’, you n me.

The soon-to-be groom then went into more detail regarding that special night.

Jacob Roloff/Instagram

He wrote:

Then, after a delicious dinner and thinking the night couldn’t possibly get any better, we saw the Northern Lights together and took our first pictures as fiancé and fiancée. Just a completely surreal night. The Pleiades & most of Orion with the Northern Lights crossing over.

And the night after all of that, we saw them again not 20 feet from the front door of our guesthouse, even brighter and really dancing this time. It’s still sort of settling with us how magical a place Iceland was. So many times all we could do is look at each other wordless. Excited for a lifetime filled with travel, growing together and trying new things with you.

Isabel commented under one of Jacob’s photos, admitting that the proposal was “such an emotional moment.”

Jacob is the youngest and last of the Roloff clan to get married. Given that the 21-year-old has stepped away from their TLC show in order for more privacy, it’s probably safe to assume that his and Isabel’s wedding won’t be televised like his brothers’.

Here’s hoping they share lots of photos when the time comes. Congratulations, Jacob and Isabel.

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