Mother of three Jenelle Eason may be embroiled in some fierce custody battles, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that she has another baby onboard.

The “Teen Mom 2” star most recently gave birth to her daughter, Ensley, with husband David Eason back in January.

Jenelle Eason/Instagram

The proud parents then officially tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in North Carolina last month, according to earlier reports. Thanks to recent custody drama, the two decided not to invite Jenelle’s family.

Now fans are speculating that the reality star is pregnant and has been since before her recent nuptials. And it’s all thanks to one Instagram photo that they say may show Jenelle has a growing baby bump.

Jenelle Eason/Instagram

The “Teen Mom 2” star posted a photo of herself overlooking a beach to her Instagram story, but fans could only focus on the bump that appeared to be under her shirt, according to Cafe Mom.

Reddit users speculated it may have been the wind blowing up her clothes, but they couldn’t help but wonder if she may be expecting baby number four. Some wrote:

Please be the wind, please be the wind, please be the wind.

I feel like it’s a bit of both or maybe she purposely trying to cause up a stir?

It’s not the wind— it’s her belly. However, that doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. She had 3 freaking kids…

I really wouldn’t be surprised. I thought it at the wedding too.

One user even pointed out that they’ve been speculating she was pregnant since she tied the knot last month.

Jenelle Eason/Instagram

The commenter wrote:

I really want to say it’s the wind but since even before the wedding Jenelle seems to have a noticeable belly. I thought it was just her gaining weight but this is Jenelle we are talking about so it really could go either way.

The “Teen Mom 2” star has yet to address the recent baby rumors. But if she is pregnant, fans will have to miss out on her baby journey for the first time.

Jenelle revealed earlier this month that she intended to leave the show after she claimed she was mistreated by MTV and the show’s producers, according to earlier reports.

For now, fans will have to keep their eyes glued to social media for any baby news.

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