Fans think the “Fuller House” family is sticking together amid Lori Loughlin’s alleged involvement in the nationwide college admissions scandal.

Actress Candance Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber seemed to directly offer a message of support for their cast member while making an acceptance speech at the “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards” on Saturday, reports People.

During their acceptance speech for “Favorite Funny TV Show,” Bure made comments about their television “family” without specifically referencing Loughlin by name.

Barber, 42, began by saying:

“Thank you for voting “Fuller House” as your favorite funny TV show. You have been laughing alongside of our family for four seasons and this family has a lot of heart.”

Bure, 42, then added:

“And where there’s a lot of heart, there’s a lot of love. And a loving family sticks together no matter what.They stick together through the hard times. They support each other, they encourage one another, they pray for each other and they stand by their side no matter how tough it gets. And a loving family that sticks together also celebrates the really good times together.”

Some fans wrote on Bure’s Instagram page:

It’s good to forgive and stick up for your friends. But Lori did something wrong. A little bit of remorse would’ve been nice

You are an awesome person. Forgiveness. No one is perfect. We do foolish mistakes without thinking of the consequences.

In the wake of the arrest and investigation, Loughlin, who portrays Aunt Becky, may not return for the final season of “Fuller House,” according to a report by Deadline.

As Dearly previously reported, Hallmark has also cut ties with Loughlin, while Netflix and Warner Bros.Television have yet to officially comment on the actress’ status on the Netflix reboot as a guest star.

On Thursday, John Stamos posted a video for those who needed a good laugh amid his costar’s alleged involvement in the college admissions scam.

Fans thought the video was a nod to Loughlin after the report surfaced stating that she may be cut from the series.

The actor captioned a video:

For those of us who just need a good smile right now. xo

Bure commented on the post by saying, “I definitely needed this right now.”

Watch the video below:

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7 Replies to “Candace Cameron Bure Says ‘Family Sticks Together.’ Fans Think It’s a Nod to Longtime Friend Lori Loughlin”

  • LDKNIGHT 2 years ago

    You Go Loughlin, cheet the system, bribe and steel a position in a school for your children while others have to get there with blood sweet and tears, how many ways could you have benifited others with $500K, hope you get the same deal as Roseann Barr, written off the storyline the same way she got from your shows. and may off the others that did likewise recieve more of the same.
    I for one worked my tail off paying for my own education with my blood sweet and tears, what gives you the right to cheet, lie and steel someone elses chance at an education.

    • nancy 2 years ago

      I feel for you , so unfair , bribing the education for some people that they don’t want it while others can’t have it or like you to really sacrifice so much , I really would like them to go to jail but you know justice is not blind just expensive. and they have the money.

  • nancy 2 years ago

    Well if they aprove what Lori did they should ALL goto jail ,crooks and liars .

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    No one approves & what she did was wrong! She does not deserve to lose any of her jobs! She’ll learn from this & be better for it! Her children definitely do not deserve to be punished! I hope their grades are the best & they work hard to earn great grades! When you all get busted for the mistakes you make let’s hope you aren’t treated & talked about the way you have her!

  • Me 2 years ago

    I work full time with 4 kids but I joined the PTA at my kids school so the school knows me and knows how much I will volunteer and work for the school. I volunteer at the bake sales & car washes for dance team so the owner sees my face constantly and reliably, helping their school. It’s no different than what she’s doing….I just don’t have the money to pay so I “pay” in other ways to get my kids the advantage. I just think we all want the absolute best for our kids. No one is perfect. We’re all just trying to give our kids everything we can. Is it fair what she did…nope, but so is life. Everything is about who you know or who you are, or what you can offer. Again, is it fair…nope, but unfortunately this is nothing new. Hard work will get you in if you deserve it and you will appreciate it more. For my kids, I want them to work hard and earn it…but if I can give them any advantage, heck yes please!
    I am certain I will be slammed and I wish our world was fair but….it’s not. It’s no less fair than someone getting a job or into college over someone more qualified because they need to meet a quota of so many women, or black people, or working adults, or Mexicans, Asians, or whoever. Again, I’m certain I will be slammed because everyone is angry, lol but in your comment just say HOW it’s different and also that you don’t give your kid any advantage you can.

  • Shelby Giolitto 2 years ago

    Yes, we all make mistakes, but the difference is, did she know it was wrong when she made them…and I think she did. We can be forgiven but we have to accept the punishment/consequences for them. Whatever the decisions by firing her from Hallmark and Fuller House….that’s called consequences. Candace is not condoning what she did, just being a good Christian friend throughout the situation.

  • Tina 2 years ago

    Every parent wants what is best for our children but robbing other children from their spot in college and stealing and lying isn’t how you do it. We all know nothing will come of this other than a slap on the wrist! I would do anything for my children but I would never do this.

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