The 2017 American Music Awards hosted a slew of talented artists. Whether it was Nicole Kidman seated in the front row, the Lifetime Achievement recipient Diana Ross, or the internationally-acclaimed K-pop group BTS, there was no shortage of musical brilliance.

One singer’s performance, however, is being slammed on Twitter when fans accused her of lip-syncing. In her first live show in 2017, Selena Gomez took the stage to perform one of her latest singles “Wolves,” but viewers quickly turned to the internet to shame her for mouthing the words.

However, there’s one big reason she may have decided to forgo a live performance — and fans seem to be forgetting it…

In September, the starlet revealed she underwent a major surgery for a kidney transplant. She had gone public with a devastating Lupus diagnosis in 2015, and the disease took a toll on her health. It caused, amongst other things, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. And it had a debilitating effect on her kidneys. She told Today in October “my kidneys were just done.”

Thankfully, her best friend, actress Francia Raísa, was a match, and the two underwent the serious operation.

Selena Gomez/Instagram

So while her fans are disappointed in Gomez for not singing and dancing on the side of a building like other performers, they forget one important thing: She’s still fighting for her health.

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