Fans are in awe over Collin Gosselin’s transformation since a Pennsylvania judge awarded his father, Jon Gosselin, temporary custody of him.

As many already know, in 2016, Collin was sent to a treatment facility for his “special needs.”

In an interview with People, Jon’s ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, said the facility had a “program that is helping him learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be.”

In the years following the interview, Kate avoided talking publicly about Collin. It wasn’t until the sextuplets’ 14th birthday that fans got their first glimpse of Collin since being admitted into the treatment center.

Jon and Collin’s sister, Hannah, shared a photo of their visit:

Fast-forward to December 4, two months after Jon filed for sole custody of Collin, and a judge awarded him just that, albeit temporary.

Jon told Us Weekly that his son “wanted to live with” him and that Hannah “wants her brother to come home.”

He has also claimed that Collin never had special needs. He wrote on Instagram:

He is not on any spectrum or special needs.

Since Collin has been home with his father and sister, Jon has posted a few photos of him. The most recent being on February 4:

The series of photos show Collin and Jon at the Philly Auto Show and showing off their big smiles at the beach with Jon’s longtime girlfriend, Colleen.

And fans quickly took note of how happy Collin looked:

Happy Collin is great to see!

Colin looks so happy!! Great job dad

Collin looks so healthy and happy

Looks like you guys had fun! Glad Collin is looking so great!

So glad he is with you, he looks so happy!

Collin looks so happy! So wonderful to see all the smiling faces

Colin is looking so happy! So happy he’s in your custody now! Keep up the good work! P.s. I was always rooting for you when you were on the show!

So amazing to see Collin back where he belongs, and looking so healthy. Glad he’s now with someone with the time and effort to give him what he needs…

Colin looks so healthy and like he is thriving! So glad he has you as a father to advocate for him! Kudos!

Fans even commented on how healthy Collin looked compared to the picture from May, as the photos taken this weekend show the 14-year-old sporting a very different, and slimmer, look.

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4 Replies to “Fans Think Collin Gosselin Looks ‘So Happy’ and ‘So Healthy’ in New Photos Dad Jon Gosselin Shared”

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    He’s thinner. Is he eating well?

  • LM 2 years ago

    He is thinner because he is no longer being medicated.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Think about this… Collin weighed 3lbs and 5oz at birth being the one who weighed the most. All the rest were under 3 lbs. They were all on ventilators and sometimes you see complicated medical problems in these premature babies. Not always,
    but being born too early can cause long term health problems. Breathing problems, heart problems, brain problems from brain bleeding, GI problems and the list continues. I wish Collin the best that life has to offer and I wish him reconciliation with all his siblings and his mother most importantly.

  • ALC 2 years ago

    Great job Jon! Way to go Collin!

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