On Prince William’s 37th birthday, people all over the world sent their well-wishes to the future king.

On June 21, the official Instagram account for Kensington Palace shared a photo of the father of three in celebration of the big day.

The photo was paired with a caption that read:

Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes on The Duke of Cambridge’s birthday!

Along with the thousands of other people who wished the Duke of Cambridge a “happy birthday,” his brother and sister-in-law, Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, did so as well using their own official social media.

The message read:

Happy Birthday to The Duke of Cambridge!

People now think the simplicity of the birthday wish means Prince William and Prince Harry aren’t on good terms.

Fans of the royal family, most of which seem to believe the Instagram account is run by Markle even though that has never been confirmed, thought the public message should have been more personal:

Odd…why is this message not as warm and thoughtful as other birthday wishes? Seems consistency from Megan and Staff is not a strong suit. Shocking for so called global humanitarians to be so exclusive with family.

That’s the best you can do?!?

I don’t ever comment on insta, but this seems like an odd way to pay tribute to Prince William on his birthday; by leaving a really basic comment like everyone else.

However, those in defense of Meghan and Harry pointed out that their message is worded similarly to how Kensington Palace worded its:

Kensington Royal posted the exact same thing! It’s okay for them to use it but not anyone else?! You people are all BIG MAD about something you have absolutely no control or knowledge of!

Others also pointed out that it’s unclear if Meghan and Harry talked with Prince William privately and that people were jumping to conclusions by assuming this was their only message.

What do you think of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s birthday message?

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