In the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Khloe Kardashian learned the gender of her unborn child.

Her youngest sister Kylie, who recently had a baby girl on February 1, was the one to break the news to Khloe as she sat on a bed with her older sister Kim.

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

The mom-to-be told Kim that learning the gender of her baby made her nervous because she had already convinced herself that her first born child was going to be a boy:

Khloe: I have such anxiety, like I don’t know why.

Kim: It’s okay, whatever it’s meant to be, even if it’s a girl…

Khloe: I know but why do I have such anxiety?

Kim: Just know that’s what your path is and that’s fine.

Khloe: I know and I’ll love, of course I want a girl, eventually, I just want her older brothers to like … we’ve never had older brothers.

When Kylie first told Khloe that she was having a girl, Khloe wondered if she was just pulling her leg. Meanwhile Kim tried to get the mom-to-be excited and Kylie reassured Khloe that this was “God’s plan.”

However, the shock of learning she wasn’t having a boy was a bit overwhelming for Khloe:

“I don’t feel like I’m having a girl. I don’t feel like I’m having a girl at all. I’m like in a state of shock.”

She continued:

“When you have your mind made up as to what your having like everyone told me you’re going to feel what you’re having and you’ll just kind of know and then when you find out it’s the complete opposite. It’s just a shock. I just was convinced that I was having a boy. So to be having a girl, it’s like okay, that wasn’t what I thought was going on.”

Still hoping Kylie was going to call her back to tell her it was all a joke and that she was actually having a boy, Khloe called her mom, Kris, to break the news.


The 33-year-old told her mom that while she knows she and her baby daddy, Tristan, will love their daughter unconditionally, she’s going to be jealous if Tristan falls more in love with their baby girl than her:

“I don’t like that. I don’t like her.”

In the end, Khloe admitted that she felt “bad” about how she initially reacted and that she is truly very excited to welcome their baby girl into the world.

But people are dragging Khloe for her initial reaction:

I couldn’t believe her reaction and when she said I don’t like her. Be grateful that you got pregnant and you’re having a baby period. There’s people that want a baby and can’t get pregnant. So sad.

So many women or couples trying to get pregnant and they would be so happy with whatever gender they get as long as they have a beautiful blessing in their life and then there is Khloe being sooo ungrateful just because for the first time in her life she can’t have what she want. Like seriously her reaction, she made me sick. I feel so bad for that baby girl, I wonder what her reaction would be when she grows and see this.

Couldn’t have said that better myself!! I agree 100%!! I can’t even imagine how that girl is going to feel when she sees this! It’s so sickening! She will probably be so young when she sees it too, with how kids get into technology at such a young age now. I can’t believe how stupid she is for reacting like that while being recorded. No brains whatsoever.

I’m not sure what’s worse – her ungrateful response to the news, or her sisters’ bad acting.

Such self absorbed entitled women….act like an adult…be thankful that you have a healthy baby no matter what the gender is since you have waited and hoped for a child!

That’s a terrible reaction to life’s greatest gift. Those people are unbelievable.

I’d be happy I was even having one… What a distasteful reaction.

What did you think about Khloe’s reaction?

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