Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Roxane Gay, a New York Times best-selling author, has been wildly praised for her nonfiction work, such as “Difficult Women,” “An Untamed State,” and “Bad Feminist.”

Gay’s currently on tour for her most recent release, “Hunger.” According to the author’s website, “Hunger” details “what it means to be overweight in a time when the bigger you are, the less you are seen.”

From appearing on Trevor Noah’s “The Daily Show” to making the cover of “Village Voice,” the essayist has been making the rounds to discuss her newest body of work.

But one international interview went sour. According to Gay’s own Twitter, a recent sit-down with Australian-based podcast “Mamamia” left the writer “appalled.”

The podcast attempted to provide context to their listeners by writing a description, which Gay called “cruel and humiliating.”

In the above description, Mamamia appears to have leaked a list of private requests Gay made to accommodate her stay.

The podcast claimed that “a lot of planning” was required to host the best-selling author. According to the description, the crew had to ask themselves a series of “tough” questions, including:

“Will she fit into the office lift? How many steps will she have to take to get to the interview? Is there a comfortable chair that will accommodate her six-foot-three, ‘super-morbidly obese’ frame?”

In a now-deleted post, Mamamia writer Mia Freedman continued to make unsolicited comments about Gay’s “imposing” appearance:

“You see, Roxane Gay is … I’m searching for the right word to use here. I don’t want to say fat so I’m going to use the official medical term: super morbidly obese.”

While they claimed their article was not written in a “mean spirit,” Gay was undoubtedly offended. And according to the writer and Twitter personality, the entire process was “a shit show.”

Gay continued to vent on Twitter on Monday afternoon, appalled at the accusations:

It was obvious that Gay was frustrated that Mamamia chose to spotlight her body:

Gay’s fans joined her on Twitter, partly in outrage and partly in support:

Even a former Mamamia employee apologized for “failing” Gay:

Mamamia has since issued an apology to their readers:

“As a publisher that’s consistently championed body diversity and representation in the media, we believe the conversations sparked by Roxane’s book are vitally important for women, and are disappointed our execution of this story hasn’t contributed in the way we intended. We’re deeply apologetic that in this instance we’ve missed the mark in contributing to this discussion.”

“Hunger” is currently the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon’s Gay & Lesbian Parenting & Families category and No. 37 overall.

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