One 11-year-old Florida boy had a very inventive idea for avoiding going to summer camp.

As Local 10 News reports, early in the morning before his family awoke, Angel Gort climbed atop the roof of his family’s Hialeah home and fell asleep.

Local 10 News

Gort told Local 10 News just how he was able to accomplish the feat of getting onto the roof:

“I have good grip and body muscle, so I just climbed up.”

And that’s exactly where police found him hours later, after he was spotted peering down from the rooftop. Gort recalled the discovery:

“I heard my grandma on the next block screaming my name. She was hysterical. I didn’t know how many police there were. First I started with one, and then one left, and then I looked and one said, ‘Oh, I think I saw him.’ [The] police officer saw me, and as soon as he saw my face I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m done.'”

A helicopter view showed Gort lowering himself to safety after being instructed to come down.

Screenshot/Local 10 News

Apparently, the family had dealt with Gort running away before, so when they reported him missing, they had hopes he would be found.

But Gort told Local 10 News he knew the error of his ways as soon as he spotted the helicopter and police officers:

“When they found me and I see police and so many news, it was like, wow. They brought a helicopter just for me? I thought in my head, ‘Wow, I really messed up.'”

He gave an apology to those who spent hours searching for him:

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. There were many other cases the police officers should’ve been doing [and] not dealing with me.”

There has been no word on whether the Department of Children and Families will investigate the situation.

Looks like Angel Gort will probably be going to summer camp after all…

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