It was only a year ago that California parents, Ali and David Andrade, learned that their little boy, DJ, had a brain tumor and would need to start immediate treatment.

According to a GoFundMe set up for the family, the couple spent every day “fighting alongside him and surrounding him with unconditional love.”

They did everything they could for their young son, who had an inoperable form of brain cancer.


But sadly, it wasn’t enough. DJ’s light soon started to fade away:

“Through multiple surgeries as well as radiation, DJ and his parents battled hard, but were recently left with the devastating news that his condition had worsened beyond repair…”

The little boy’s parents and grandparents gathered by his side at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as he underwent end-of-life care, according to CBS Los Angeles.

But while the family had their attention focused on the dying boy, a stranger had his eyes on their SUV parked downstairs.

CBS Los Angeles reported that on Sunday, several security cameras captured a man stealing a suitcase and a bag of DJ’s medication from the car, which the family found trashed when they went to check on their belongings.

Screenshot/CBS LA

Janelle Ford, DJ’s grandmother, was left wearing the same clothes for several days because he stole her suitcase. She said:

“Why would he do it at a Children’s Hospital, a place where there’s already so much suffering?”

Screenshot/CBS LA

News of the robbery quickly spread across social media. Many Facebook users were infuriated by the thief’s actions. Some wrote:

Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook Screenshot/Facebook

To make matters worse, little DJ passed away on Thursday afternoon.

Now, Ford feels that the robber stole much more than her belongings — he stole away her time. She said:

“[The thief] has taken time away that we have, that I have with my grandson.”

Police have yet to make an arrest in the case and said there’s been an increase in car robberies in the area since early in the year.

The family has since set up a memorial fund for the little boy. You can donate here.

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