The family of a 21-year-old student from California who was killed by sharks in the Bahamas said they desperately tried to save their daughter but no one jumped in to help the girl.

Jordan Lindsey’s family accused Sandy Toes tour of failing to have safety measures in place that could have possibly saved the young woman’s life during the organized snorkeling trip, reports People.

Jordan’s mom, Kami Lindsey, told the publication that her daughter received no medical attention last month when three sharks engulfed her around Rose Island and began biting her.

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The college student was with her mom, dad, siblings, and girlfriend at the time of the attack.

Kami was able to swim to her daughter and drag her to shore after she was mauled by the sharks. Lindsey’s family said in a statement:

No one jumped in.

Shockingly, no staff mobilized to assist in any way. As [Kami] swam to Jordan and told Jordan to try to swim toward her, she thought certainly a boat would come to whisk them out of the water and harm’s way, but that did not happen.

Once out of the water Kami claimed the company had no first aid kit or basic supplies to treat her daughter’s wound.

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The family told Inside Edition in a statement:

It felt like a lifetime as they waited for a boat to arrive. When the small boat arrived, it contained only a bench and a staff member driving.

The family said they’re sharing their story out of concern for others who may have also faced a life-threatening incident while on vacation in the Bahamas. They wrote:

Although nothing can change the outcome of the tragedy we’ve suffered, our hope in speaking out is that mandatory safety measures are put in place, so this is less likely to happen again.

In a statement to Inside Edition, Sandy Toes excursion company said “all reasonable steps were taken to prevent” the incident. 

Jordan died on June 26 in a hospital in Nassau.

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  • Ann Bianconi 1 year ago

    I feel so much sympathy for this family. The truth of the matter is….we are in THEIR territory and should expect no less. The company making money off of this family for this experience should definitely have to pay for their negligence…

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