Six days ago, Christie and Mark Evans were celebrating their new home. The pair, which is getting ready to welcome their second son next month, posted celebratory photos on their social media pages, showing off the place they had planned to raise their growing family in.

Now they are trying to cope with the loss of most of their possessions and everything they had purchased to get ready for baby number two.


According to Inside, Christie and Mark’s house was destroyed by one of the four forest fires currently ablaze in California. Mark told Inside that it’s all “a bit surreal.”

December 5 was suppose to be the family’s first night in their new home. Now they are left starting from scratch with a newborn child on the way. Christie said:

“We lost everything because we moved everything for the new baby over.”

The couple, who set up a GoFundMe account to help cover some of the cost of the things they lost, wrote that it’s all been very overwhelming:

On Friday we were thrilled to get the keys to our dream home and today we received the devastating news that it had completely burned down in the Thomas Fire. We were so excited for our new adventure that we had already moved half of our belongings into the new house, including all of the baby stuff we had saved for Holden who is due next month.

There is never a good time to face this type of challenge, but having prepared for a new baby and now having it all gone, as well as everything else that we lost, feels overwhelming. We appreciate everyone’s love and support during this challenging time.

Christie and Mark are only a few hundred dollars away from reaching their $15,000 goal.

Of course, some people commenting on the GoFundMe page questioned why the family would need so much money when they were able to purchase an $800,000 home in the first place. Ryan Terry wrote:

Very sad and I hope the best for them. Not trying to bash at all but they were able to afford almost a million dollar home and I’m sure they have good insurance. Why is everyone donating to them when there are poor people that were paycheck to paycheck with no insurance that their homes burned? Again terrible tragedy, but these people are wealthy with insurance. Maybe we should focus the donations for people that actually need it.

But as another donor pointed out, just because they were able to afford such an expensive home doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling just like everyone else:

Gee Ryan Terry I’m glad you’re not bashing or anything. People can have high incomes and be broke when something like this happens. It happens all the time. And poor people don’t buy houses without insurance; you can’t unless you buy cash or put down a huge amount, in which case you’re obviously not poor. By the way, yes, they probably have insurance, but it could take months or up to a year before they see that money. In the meantime, they still have to make the mortgage payments AND pay for somewhere else to live while replacing all the stuff they lost for the new baby. It’s not as simple as you think. If you don’t want to donate then don’t, but coming here “not trying to bash” and then doing it is pretty lame.

According to Business Insider, more than 200,000 people living in the area have been displaced and more are currently under mandatory evacuation orders.

For those looking to help other families, as well, the Red Cross of Los Angeles, the Salvation Army, and the Humane Society of Ventura County are all accepting donations that will be used to help the many victims get back on their feed.

Dearly has reached out to Christie. We will update the story if they decide to get back to us.

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