There is a fine line between making your children happy and making sure you’re doing what is best for them.

And a mom on Reddit wants to know if she’s crossing the line.

After her nephew cancelled his plan to join them on their quick family vacation, her 17-year-old son asked if his girlfriend could fill the newly opened spot.

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However, because the vacation will require them all to stay in a hotel, the mom is unsure if it’s appropriate for them to bring his girlfriend along. She explained:

We have been planning on taking a small family vacation in mid December to watch a football game. The game is being played in a city about three hours away and we will be staying in a hotel near the stadium from late Friday afternoon to early Monday morning. We have 6 tickets and originally planned on taking our three kids and my nephew. My nephew recently informed us that he won’t be able to make it and we are wondering what to do with the last ticket.

My oldest son suggested bringing his girlfriend along for the trip. She likes football enough and apparently wants to go.

She pondered whether she was crazy for considering it.

She also explained that they had originally planned to have her two boys and her nephew share one hotel room, while she, her husband, and their daughter would occupy another.

With the thought of the girlfriend coming along, she questioned how she should change up the roommate combination to accommodate for the girlfriend. Instead of putting her son and his girlfriend in the same room as her youngest son, should she simply just do one boys room and one girls room? She wrote:

We will obviously talk to the parents of the girlfriend to make sure it is okay with them, but my son said her parents are cool with it if we are. We will be getting confirmation on that if we allow it. I was just curious to see how crazy we are for considering it.

The mom said she just wants to make sure everyone involved is comfortable with the situation. She added that her family loves her son’s girlfriend and that she’s not worried about them attempting to get away with anything inappropriate.

Reddit users commented with their own suggestions:

The best option would be for you, daughter and the GF in one room, and the boys in the other. If you get her a room by herself, you are going to have a hard time keeping the two separate if they aren’t inclined on their own.

I think it sounds like including her is a really nice idea! It sounds like she fits in great.

I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Sounds like a nice plan!

I don’t think it’s crazy at all and girls room/guys room sounds fine. I think it’s a good idea to be accepting of teenage relationships and of including them in family life, and getting to know them.

I have two daughters (11, 14) and a son (8). Oldest daughter has a boyfriend (16). We have taken him along on overnight stays at hotels and we always put all 4 kids in the same room while my wife and I share another. I think this depends on whether you can trust your son and his [girlfriend] to not be inappropriate in front of your other sons in a hotel room. I know my daughter and her bf wouldn’t be inappropriate in front of my other kids so it’s fine for all of them to share.

We took my son’s girlfriend on a few trips with us when they were 16-17. He went on a trip with her family as well. We tried to get a suite/timeshare when it was possible so she had her own room.

If you were put into this situation as a parent, how would you handle it?

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